SEC justice



The SEC has issued the following statement related to the Auburn-Ole Miss football game of October 24:

On the kickoff return in the Auburn at Ole Miss football game at 5:43 in the 4th quarter, the SEC has determined the replay official should have stopped the game for further review of the play. In the football officiating replay process every play is reviewed but, when appropriate, the game is stopped for further review.

Because the play was not appropriately stopped for further review, the necessary slow-motion view of the play was not viewed by the replay official to determine if the ruling on the field should have been reversed.

The SEC Office conducted a review of the play and appropriately communicated its findings above to Ole Miss head football coach Lane Kiffin and other athletics department personnel per conference protocol. However, Mr. Kiffin’s use of social media Saturday following the game to publicly criticize officiating is in violation of Conference Bylaws and Commissioner’s Regulations that govern Sportsmanship and communication with the Conference Office on officiating issues.

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin has been fined $25,000 for his use of social media Saturday after the game made in violation of SEC Bylaw 10.5 related to officiating in the Auburn at Ole Miss football game of October 24.

Tl;dr version:

It takes a lot to make Junior a sympathetic figure, but, congrats, Greg Sankey, you did it!

Aaaaannnnd, the last word.


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22 responses to “SEC justice

  1. mwodieseldawg

    The SEC officiating has been inept for so long it is beginning to look like they do it on purpose. Billion dollar league with 2 bit officials.


  2. practicaldawg

    Gus’s rabbit’s foot has been working overtime this year. It’s the only reason they didn’t lose to Arkansa and Miss. Those are the two worst calls I’ve seen all year.

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  3. gotthepicture

    I’m trying to figure out which is the better job:
    P5 College AD – flushed with money, can do a mediocre job and still retain your job or get another one with another school
    SEC Ref – can do an absolutely horrible job without fear of accountability
    SEC Commissioner – rake in the money & keep it by nickel & diming on referees, no high-level skills needed

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  4. 79dawg

    All that’s missing to complete this circle is the “I never remember the officiating being this poor when I was at Alabama” line…

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  5. Previously Paul

    That makes two games Auburn has won thanks to bad officiating and the SEC has admitted it both times. Do they keep the officials on retainer or what?

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  6. originaluglydawg

    If the beneficiaries of the “mistakes” were a little larger group than The Barn, Bama and Handbag cartel it would be a little easier to stomach. Sure, every team gets a call every now and then, but these three seem to get the pivotal calls (or no calls) on a pretty consistent basis.
    But I think Auburn gets the trophy.


  7. I would love to see that armored truck pull up in front of the offices in Birmingham and start unloading bags of pennies.

    Do it, Junior!


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      Bags!? Shovel them onto the sidewalk in front of SEC HQ. Let the homeless grab and use them at convince stores who are running short on pennies anyway. Triple win.

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      • While we’re thinking about that, Junior should rent a small dump truck and just dump them out. No reason for him to pay the manual labor for the shovelers.

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        • Down Island Way

          Pray there is no active video of the laner performing his yoga movements….


          • armydawg

            I’m actually in Kiffin’s corner on this one. He had the balls to say what was needed and was willing to pony up the cash for the fine. How many other SEC coaches would do the same. If they all got together and called out the conference in public when this garbage happens it just might force Sankey to cave in and fix it.


  8. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    sec feels like the pac12 about now in keeping the iron bowl a must watch game… how else do they gift the barn 3 WINS?!?


  9. Professional Refs. Make it a movement.

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  10. There is really no excuse in messing up on REPLAY. That was actually one of two plays they got wrong as Tank Bigsby had a clear fumble that wasn’t called.


  11. ASEF

    Auburn has won two games via replay rulings that actually resulted in explicit rule changes. Their Iron Bowl win last season (“We’re not going to replay when a runner was down as the clock hits zero to see if he made a first down or not”) and the Arkansas spike.

    Add the Kentucky touchdown and the Ole Miss kick return.

    SEC replay proved decisive in the national title picture last season. Their “LSU receiver did not illegally go OOB” call was a big swing in the Alabama game. Their overrule of the Clemson fumble (worst call out of all of these; no way was their compelling evidence to overturn that call on the field) effectively advanced Clemson to the title game over Ohio State.

    It’s a frequently recurring issue. It directly impacted the winner of two of last season’s biggest games.

    And it just doesn’t register.

    Which tells BHM and officials that officiating quality just doesn’t matter. The other leagues are no better.

    College football is hurtling towards a point fixing scandal.


  12. Ozam

    Steve Spurrier quality troll…..