Spurrier gone Spurrier.

If you asked him about global warming, he’d find some way to use it to make a smart ass comment about Ray Goff.


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  1. He’s a good smack talker for sure, but, he who laughs last…

    bc we made him quit football. and it was a very fine moment.

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  2. KornDawg

    Never change, SOS.


  3. mwodieseldawg

    Fuck him and the mule he rode in on!

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    • sniffer

      Man, don’t get me started. I watched “Kings of Comedy” last night and my bad words monitor is broke to hell. If I started cussin Spurrier, it would crash GTP. I’d lose my spot in line for heaven, too. Well, actually that happened after I listened to WAP. I’m done.

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    You have to give it to the Old Ball Sack, he keeps living life like he thinks we don’t remember that the very same team that got Mark Richt fired beat him so badly that he quit football forever. Brian Schottenheimer (him?) hung half a hundred on the Old Ball Sack!

    So I say left the Old Ball Sack have his zingers. We’ll always have the memory of Grayson Lambert (who?) setting the NCAA completion percentage on his quittin’ ass!

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  5. Greg

    Yep…he will never change. Guess we can blame Stanfill on that one. Always like the “free shoes university” one. Had to laugh when I first heard it.

    Nonetheless, Smith was one I really hated to lose. Had him committed & it changed. May have had another MNC if he stayed committed.


  6. Bay Area Dawg

    You have to love Spurrier and the way he’ll always take a jab at Georgia when he can.

    Personally, I always really liked Spurrier compared to the sociopath who is Urban Meyer.

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    • Greg

      Said what he thought, honest. Usually entertaining, but I guess that would depend on what side of the fence you are on.

      One thing I can say about him, when he lost…..he would never look for excuses that I can remember. He usually have the other team and staff credit.

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      • Bay Area Dawg

        That’s one the of things I always respected about him. As you said when he lost he never made excuses or tried to take away credit from the other team.

        Dan Mullen could learn a thing or two from him.

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  7. MudCat's Mechanic


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  8. He still resents not getting the job in 1989


  9. Russ

    In a time of rising housing prices, it’s nice to know we’re still living rent free in his head. From Stanfill ruining his Heisman season to Schotty and Lambert running him out of football, I’m sure we’ll live there for as long as he has lucid thoughts.

    And yeah, I still prefer him over that sociopath Urban Liar.

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  10. Ran A

    I do not wish Darth Visor any ill will.. He is living out his days, playing golf and building a restaurant in Gainesville and living out his days. He misses taking shots at the Dawgs; but that is what happens when you are not longer relevant. And guess what? The Head Ball Coach is not the Old Ball Coach. Them days are done…


  11. 79dawg

    Meanwhile, in other “Gator-related news”, the newest resident of Ponte Vedra has a new grift….

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  12. Derek

    Cover two would have been fine had Sanders player Cover two.

    Still not exactly certain we weren’t in cover 3 given how quickly Baker bailed out, which would only make 24’s effort worse.

    I can’t ever get a lot of support for this but I was in the stands screaming “time out!”

    I think we were celebrating early after the sack and needed to settle down and get clear minded.

    Second down was their “go play” in that situation.. On third they would have needed to think about setting up for a field goal.

    Not sure what a better call than cover two or 3 there would be. Can’t get beat deep, can’t play too soft and let them get in 3rd and medium and have the whole playbook open. I suppose I could accept quarters but your risking giving up too many cheap yards.

    Still say time out and emphasize the need to keep everything underneath.

    I also say if 24 just opens his hips toward the sideline, Tua throws to the crossing route or tucks it to try to pick up a few yards.

    But 24 was just standing on the hashmarks, shoulders square to the los. Tua didn’t even need to think. Just fire.


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    • Greg

      ” I can’t ever get a lot of support for this but I was in the stands screaming time out!”

      Wasn’t in the stands, but you probably could hear me from my living to the stands screaming the same.


    • 79dawg

      Totally agree we needed to settle down after the sack – from elation to “poof, its over”, in a matter of seconds…


      • 81Dog

        The thought bubble was over my head after the sack. “WE’RE ABOUT TO WIN THE & @#$ING NAT…….” when the heave to a wide open Smith happened. Seemed like the blink of an eye. Like walking up to receive a huge award and falling through a trap door.

        C’est le guerre.


    • munsonlarryfkajim

      would have helped in parrish had done something, anything, to disrupt Smith’s route.

      And yes, in hindsight, a timeout would have made sense.

      Still stings 3 years later. That was a hell of a week and what that team did in a short amount of time.

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    • akascuba

      I was in the stands still celebrating knowing they were out of field goal range. We are going winnn…WTF NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

      That`s my memory of 2nd and 26.

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      • Derek

        I could have turned charcoal into a diamond during that second half.

        Full Munson… In the Larry sense of the word…

        Then we got “Munsoned” in the Kingpin sense of the word.

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      • 81Dog

        Their kicker was so spooked he couldn’t have hit water if you tossed him out of a boat. No way they were getting a first down, no way we were giving up long td. Credit to them. But it sure went real bad real fast.


    • RangerRuss

      Geeeeez, you allowed that fuckn asshole to get in your head. August Campbell recorded a tune about SOS. The I-95 Asshole Song. Somebody help me with that, please?
      Fuck that mother fucker.

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      • Derek

        Spurrier left my head when he went to the nfl.

        Before that, he had indeed set up shop.

        That natty won’t go away until we win another one.

        Just like:

        Herman Archie and Todd Blackledge
        Heath Shuler and Shane Matthews
        Robert Edwards’ broken foot
        Terrence Edwards’s drop
        44 pass attempts but only 14 carries for Knowshon
        Chris Conley’s catch

        Lots and lots of demons to excise….someday.

        I was thinking the other day that Herschel’s natty was closer in time to Pearl Harbor than we are now to Herschel’s natty. Think about that.

        My life as a dawg fan:


      • Got Cowdog

        “You’re an assshooole tonight”
        I thought Buffet did that one? That one and “God’s Own Drunk” are classics…

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  13. PTC DAWG

    Like I read above, I credit Stanfill.


  14. Texas Dawg

    Even with the way owned us and continues to needle us, it’s hard to even remotely feel the level of disdain for him that I do for Urban.

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  15. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Y’all, there is a strong contigent of Floriduh ‘turds who honestly believe Sideshow Dan the Clown is all but gone to the Jets and their replacement will be Bob Stoops.

    The delusion is so thick in Jortsville you can cut it with a knife!

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  16. Cover 2 huh? Why am I not surprised that a Florida QB doesn’t know the difference between Cover 2 and Cover 3?


  17. wschappell

    Yeah, I remember when Marco Wilson threw a shoe. Which doesn’t make sense – – but that’s what he was doing.

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  18. siskey

    I was at the 2015 game and it was my second favorite Spurrier memory. My first was in 1997. We somehow made it into the stadium and somehow made it to our seats. The Florida fans beside me told me that I was the reason that they didn’t bring their kids to football games.

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  19. Harold Miller

    SOS, “I hear climate change is due to chicken farts. Ray Goff sure does raise a lot of chickens.” Something like that?


  20. Terry McCullers

    Spurrier once an asshole always an ass hole


  21. bigjohnson1992

    Sad. Trying to stay relevant with snarky comments. Bitter old man.