Here’s a look back at every touchdown Georgia scored last season.  Enjoy.

Three thoughts:

  • It’s still impressive to me to see how well Monken schemes his wide receivers open consistently.
  • Speaking of consistency, you wonder how Bennett’s year might have played out if he’d been more consistent in the passing game.
  • I’d sort of forgotten White’s touchdown run to open the Cocktail Party, but I was in perfect position to see that Florida’s defense was misaligned at the snap and realize the play was going to be a big one.

Your thoughts?


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17 responses to “Yesterday

  1. armydawg

    Get JT off the back foot; complete chemistry with the wide receivers; with a good Spring this team will unleash a thermonuclear level of destruction this season.

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  2. mddawg

    I loved the video. I think I liked the defensive TDs most of all. That cut from 1st half of the Bama game to the Kentucky game is painful.

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  3. Ran A

    Everyone forgets that Bennett got hurt early ini the UF game and wasn’t the same after. He just played through it. I think Georgia has the right QB now; but you have to appreciate this guy and how committed he is. He’s a DGD..

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  4. Still ticked that Vandy found a way to hold us scoreless.

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  5. David Dozier

    Love the TD by Zeus at the opening of the cocktail party. Hated, we ran that play one time and never went back to it.

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  6. “you wonder how Bennett’s year might have played out if he’d been more consistent in the passing game.” I wonder how it would have been if he had his fair share of first team reps in the Summer to build up rapport with the receivers instead of basically starting cold.


  7. Reinmart

    I’ve already been watching highlights from last season. A few thoughts…

    I thought Zeus had a better year than he is getting credit for
    We left a LOT of points on the field before Daniels was ready
    Even with Daniels, this offense has only scratched the surface of its potential

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    • Zeus gets picked on for mostly no reason. People loved Hollyfield, who just fell on his face by getting touched on his feet (he had such horrible feet) but hate on zeus. I think hes gonna have a break out year. I also think we got a RB problem when we got so many guys – hard to get the rhythm. We should leave backs in for longer.

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  8. silvercreekdawg

    How many untouched TDs did we score last season?!? It sure seemed like a lot.



    Nice constant use of a slur in the music…


  10. The Truth

    My #1 takeaway from this: I didn’t give Zeus enough credit for his work last year.


  11. bigjohnson1992

    Sucks I have to mute the volume to enjoy these videos.


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    This video would be too toxic an environment for Justin Fields.

    On a serious note, Arian Smith is gonna torch people in 2021.