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Kansas has standards? Who knew?

Whoomp, there it is.

I guess we’ll never know whom Jeff was going to make his next mistake with… at least not at Kansas.



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Your 3.10.21 Playpen

Another Playpen, another reader request.  This one comes from Mark:

… have readers list one SEC or UGA topic they believe in that runs against the grain or is generally unpopular.

For example: I am very happy that Mizzou is in the SEC. CoMo is lovelier than any SEC town besides Athens, their fans are nice and bring a bit of a Midwestern touch to the conference, and their football team is sometimes a tough out (two division titles compared to none for Ole Miss, aTm, Vandy and UK).

I’m looking forward to seeing some of the responses to this.  Have at it in the comments.


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Monken up the offense

Speaking of Todd Monken, Jake Rowe does a spring preview and wonders about something.

What we don’t know: The only thing we can really put a finger on here is the identity and growth of the offense. Just how much did UGA settle in at the end of last season? The Bulldogs were pass-heavy in two of the final four games and one of the contests, the blowout win of Missouri was very much balanced.

What Rowe sees as a bug I see as a feature.  Of those four games, the Mississippi State and Cincinnati games featured defenses that sold out against the run and dared Daniels to beat them through the air.  South Carolina did the opposite and was mauled on the ground.  Missouri tried to take a middle approach and got burned both ways.

All that shows me an offensive coordinator who’s grasped the first rule of playcalling:  take what the defense gives you.  That may not be an identity, but, when your offense averaged seven and a half yards per play, more than a yard and a quarter over its season average, it’ll do until an identity comes along.


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Good news for modern Dawgs

“I’ve always had a lot of confidence in Todd. Todd’s a great football coach,” Mullen said

He sure as hell wasn’t talking about Georgia’s offensive coordinator there.

Long may they run.  Especially on third down.


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Sudden impact

Jake Rowe speculates on Will Muschamp’s role this spring and beyond.

What happens on the days between those practices? Well, that’s where Muschamp and the rest of the analysts really come in. Those days allow UGA’s assistant coaches and support staff to meet with players in groups or individually in the film room. They can highlight what was right and what was wrong from the previous practice or practices. They can teach and motivate.

t’s something that has been and will be done in preseason camp, just at a much faster pace. Muschamp provides an extra set of eyes. Instead of two experienced defensive play callers on staff in Smart and Dan Lanning, there are now three. Muschamp has plenty of experience coaching defensive backs and can assist Jahmile Addae. He has coached linebackers, too, allowing him to lend a hand on those off days to Glenn Schumann or Lanning. If he’s not involved in game planning and installation for the 2021 season and even G-Day, the word “shocking” comes to mind.

Georgia’s defense should be playing catchup to the offense this spring. The Bulldogs are filling big shoes at outside linebacker, inside linebacker, cornerback, and STAR/nickel. Smart has spoken on numerous occasions about incremental improvement from practice to practice whether it’s spring or fall. Having Muschamp around this spring, with UGA’s defense facing numerous question marks, can pay off in a big way.

It kind of makes you wonder if Smart trusts Boom more than his current on-field defensive staff.  He certainly has a longer history with Muschamp than any of them.  The offseason chemistry ought to be interesting, to say the least.


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Is Kansas’ administration playing a game of Can You Top This?

Jeff Long has to be the shittiest vetter in the history of employment.  How this didn’t raise a red flag completely escapes me.

Long claimed that a series of background checks were conducted before the Jayhawks hired Miles in 2018, and no one in LSU’s athletic department raised any red flags.

“I also asked coach Miles, directly during the interview process, whether there was anything in the past that could potentially embarrass the university, or himself or our program, and he said no,” Long said. “We also did our due diligence by talking to individuals within the LSU athletic department to see if there was anything we should be aware of regarding coach Miles’ tenure at LSU and received no indications of any issues.”

When they learned of the legal dispute that was settled out of court, Long said Kansas “requested copies of any and all reported related to Miles when he was at LSU.”

“We were given a variety of reasons from Miles’s legal counsel why that would not be provided to us,” Long said.

The first response to that should have been, “well, fuck you, if your guy wants the job, you’d best provide that”.  Instead, Long opted for “welcome aboard, Les!”.

That’s not even the most jaw dropping thing Long said yesterday, as he tried to explain why Kansas is handing Miles almost $2 million to walk away from a job he shouldn’t have been hired for in the first place.  This is:

Long was asked why Miles wasn’t fired for cause if Miles lied to him.

“That’s really a legal question as to how he could or couldn’t respond at that time. But that was his response,” Long said.

When pressed again, Long said, “That is debatable whether that is a lie, and I’ll leave that to our legal people to dice that out. We felt it was important to move our program forward, that we needed to basically agree to mutually part and pay Les through the remainder of ’21 is basically what it came down to.”

My Gawd.  Incredibly, it looks like the school is going to let Long hire Miles’ replacement.  The dude’s recent track record includes hiring Bobby Petrino, botching the firing of David Beaty and, now, the hiring and firing of Les Miles.  It’s almost as if Long is doing a round of “hold my beer” with himself.

At least, maybe Long can negotiate a lower buyout in case the next guy gets caught lying.


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You can take the Dawg out of Athens…

… but not forever.

Welcome back, Coach.

As macondawg notes, every head coach Georgia’s had over the past five decades or so resides in Athens today.  Even the ones who were canned.  There’s just something about the Classic City that gets to a man.


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Musical palate cleanser, triple cover battle edition

Yessir, it’s a three-fer today!

First, the original, one of Chuck Berry’s greatest tunes:

It always amazes me how short that song is.  Chuck was nothing if not economical.

Here’s a fantastic live cover from the Stones, from a show they did in front of a small live audience just before the release of Sticky Fingers.

Nobody channels Chuck Berry’s guitar licks better than Keef.

Finally, and speaking of channeling Chuck Berry, here’s Bob Seger’s blistering version:

I love ’em all.  And your vote goes to?


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