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Fun with numbers

Yeah, before you go there, “if” is doing some heavy lifting here, but it still makes for some enjoyable math Dawg porn.

In four games last year, Daniels completed 80 of 119 passes for 1,231 yards, 10 touchdowns and just two interceptions. If you parlay those numbers over a full 12-game season, and assuming the level of play remains the same, you have a season where Daniels potentially could have a year that sees him complete 240 of 357 passes for 3,693 yards and 30 touchdowns.

That would easily make for the best season a Georgia quarterback’s had since Aaron Murray, in 2012, when he finished second nationally in passer rating.  Add in stats from a postseason, and you can probably change that to best season ever.  That would be nice.



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Three preseason workout whispers

Per Mike Griffith:

  • Adam Anderson has been getting moved around on defense.
  • Early enrollee Brock Bowers is “more than living up to his rank as the No. 3 overall tight end in the nation in the 2021 signing class, impressing during workouts per sources close to the team.”
  • Lovasea Carroll has experimented with time in the secondary.

As for the first point, I would have been more surprised if Lanning hadn’t been moving Anderson around this spring.  Point two?  We’ll see, but it would be nice if he’s an early contributor, especially if Gilbert isn’t in Georgia’s future.  And let’s hope Carroll isn’t being put on an early track to be Tripp’d.


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The SEC’s Baylor?

While Les Miles is getting his fair share of opprobrium thrown his way for the shenanigans at LSU, the school deserves its fair amount of attention for it, too, for institutionalizing turning a blind eye to the problems, at least as long as the football team was winning.

… The school itself cannot escape blame for what appears to be a sweeping, years-long cover up of both their former coach’s actions and their failures in handling sexual complaints against their football players. At least six school officials knew of Miles’s secret, including three former members of the LSU Board of Supervisors, a powerful, politicized governing body at the university. They told no one, not even their own colleagues on the board.

Contacted Friday, former board members were stewing over the news.

How were we not told? How did this happen?

One of the three former board members who knew about Miles’s reported transgressions, Stanley Jacobs, fielded a phone call Friday from Sports Illustrated. “I don’t have anything to say, but thanks for calling,” he said before ending the conversation. Alleva did not reply to a message.

Have a nice day, fellas.


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Georgia’s other “gap”

Mark Schlabach’s just asking, peeps.

5. Can Georgia close the gap on Alabama?

The Bulldogs should benefit from a full spring and offseason with offensive coordinator Todd Monken and quarterback JT Daniels, who played well in the final four games of 2020. Georgia is loaded at running back and wide receiver, and it has good depth on the offensive line. Its defense should again be among the best in the FBS. Its schedule is favorable. Is this the year Kirby Smart’s team finally catches the Crimson Tide?

While my head says it’s as good a time as any, my heart says I’ll believe it when I see it.


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