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Is the dead period dead?

Not yet, exactly.

The NCAA Football Oversight Committee will recommend this week that the dead period transition to a “quiet period” on June 1, CBS Sports has learned. During a quiet period, college football programs can host recruits on campus and conduct camps.

As Dodd notes, by June 1, face-to-face recruiting will have been prohibited for 14 ½ months.  How can coaches do their best evaluating kids and vice versa under those conditions?

That being said, there’s no guarantee that the NCAA Council will agree to the change.

I’ll say it again — if conditions are safe enough to play games, they’re safe enough to invite recruits and their families on campus.



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“I think it’s pretty cool.”

The Mark Richt coaching tree has more branches than you might realize, my friends.

  • Tennessee last week introduced its new defensive staff which includes three coaches who worked for Richt in Athens: line coach Rodney Garner, secondary coach Willie Martinez and outside linebackers coach/special teams coordinator Mike Ekeler.
  • At Auburn, he can catch former offensive coordinator Mike Bobo and offensive line coach Will Friend. They were at other SEC schools last year with Bobo, who spent 14 seasons working with Richt, at South Carolina and Friend at Tennessee.
  • At North Carolina, former Richt tight ends coach John Lilly and offensive line coach Stacy Searels are on Mack Brown’s staff.
  • Tight ends coach Todd Hartley was with Richt for all three of his Miami seasons. Former UGA linebackers coach John Jancek is a Bulldogs defensive quality control assistant and of course head coach Kirby Smart was a running backs coach under Richt in 2005.

Ten listed there, which is not too shabby.

“I keep up with those guys and a lot of time they keep me updating on what’s going on,” Richt said last week. “Every once in a while I’ll help them with a recommendation here and there over the years.”


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G-Day ticket news

This just showed up in my email inbox.

Screenshot_2021-03-15 Georgia Athletics

I presume that means the Magill folks didn’t snap up the entire offering.  So, there you have it, if you want to go and see the QBR battle live.


UPDATE:  As we noticed,

The school put 2,000 tickets for the G-Day game at $10 a pop on sale to the general public at 9 a.m. Monday at Georgiadogs.com, but they sold out in about 90 minutes.

The 2,000 tickets were  what remained for the April 17 spring game after Hartman Fund donors snagged most of those available for what again will be a socially distanced stadium of 20 to 25 percent capacity. Georgia listed that as 20,524 last season…

Tim Cearley, UGA’s associate athletic director for ticket operations, said tickets were gone by about 10:30 a.m. Monday.

… The first priority for season ticket holders went to those who received tickets to the cancelled Vanderbilt game as well as Magill Society members.


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Some words to the wise

SEC StatCat has some advice for Todd Monken, based on last year’s statistical story:

Screenshot_2021-03-14 Morty’s Mind Blowers 2020 SEC StatCat Edition

To which I’d say:

  1. Wary is one thing.  They’d best be trying to figure out why Daniels’ accuracy dipped running play action and fix that.
  2. Being better on first down is a legit concern.
  3. This one reads like a bit of a stretch.  One poor game — a bowl game with a patched-up offensive line, to boot — doth not a trend make.


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College football’s slow return to normalcy takes another step this week.

Feels good knowing that, eh?


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Here’s a look back at every touchdown Georgia scored last season.  Enjoy.

Three thoughts:

  • It’s still impressive to me to see how well Monken schemes his wide receivers open consistently.
  • Speaking of consistency, you wonder how Bennett’s year might have played out if he’d been more consistent in the passing game.
  • I’d sort of forgotten White’s touchdown run to open the Cocktail Party, but I was in perfect position to see that Florida’s defense was misaligned at the snap and realize the play was going to be a big one.

Your thoughts?


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Musical palate cleanser, Mick and David edition

For your listening pleasure, here’s an early take of “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll”, featuring Bowie and Ron Wood on backup vocals:

Wikipedia has the deets:

Recorded in late 1973 and completed in the spring of 1974,[1] “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)” is credited to the Rolling Stones songwriting team Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, although future Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood collaborated with Jagger on it.[2] The song was originally recorded one night in a studio at Wood’s house, “The Wick” in Richmond, London.[3] David Bowie was backing singer to Jagger’s lead, and Willie Weeks played bass with Kenney Jones on drums. The song on the album is similar to that original recording, with the Stones keeping the original rhythm track.

Quite the motley crew there…


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