My second biggest takeaway from yesterday

By halftime, we’d seen all four of Georgia’s scholarship quarterbacks play.  My first thought as the players walked off the field was what a difference half a year makes.  Consider where the Dawgs were when 2020 kicked off:  Newman gone, Daniels recovering from injury, Mathis melting down in the opener and Bennett all that stood between complete disaster and a functional season.

Fast forward to the spring of 2021 and what do we have now?  An entrenched number one in JT Daniels, who’s got the confidence of his coaches and teammates and is clearly growing into his role there.  An experienced backup in Stetson Bennett who may not be able to carry a team through a season, but is more than capable of stepping in on a spot basis when called upon and holding things together.

And the future is there, too.  Beck has a live arm and looks to be emerging as a quarterback who is learning Monken’s offense.  Vandagriff’s talented and his athleticism is off the charts.  What he’s going to look like in a year’s time after learning the offense will be fun to see.  The great thing is that neither of these two will, barring a complete disaster, be forced into early learning mode on the job.  That’s one helluva luxury.

And there’s another five-star in Stockton who will be joining the group in 2022!

I honestly cannot remember another G-Day this century where the position was both this deep and this organized.  The turnaround that Smart has engineered with the most important group in the program — let’s face it, that’s the way the game is structured these days — is truly remarkable.


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14 responses to “My second biggest takeaway from yesterday

  1. Beck impressed me yesterday. While he was going against the 2nd team defense, it’s not like he was going against a bunch of walk-on players. He’s the clear #2 (for taking any meaningful snaps in a big win). SBIV looked the part of the emergency QB to fill in if something happens to JT for a play to a series. Vandagriff is going to be a stud when he’s ready. He clearly has the best set of tools in the QB room.

    If things break right for the team, JT could be in New York in December as a Heisman finalist. From some of the shots on the sideline, the players look to him as a leader.

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  2. Greg

    the QB room looks promising……just hope we don’t get Nate Hybl’ed or Daniel Cobb’ed.

    Thinks that was the year Donnan gave the job to Quincy (freshman). Gotta keep them engaged.


    • Greg

      Believe Mike Usry was another that transferred out around that time.


    • godawgs1701

      I remember sitting behind some huge dude during Quincy’s 1999 campaign. QC wasn’t playing great, and every time he’d miss a receiver or throw a pick, the dude would stand up and yell at the top of his huge fat guy lungs “WHERE’S COBB?! WHERE’S HYBL?!” I can hear it as clearly as if it was yesterday.

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  3. classiccitycanine

    Beck looks like a respectable competitor in the battle to replace JT next year, but I think the future belongs to Vandagriff (or maybe Stockton).
    I am a bit concerned that JT’s mechanics still look a bit off. Did anybody else notice that or am I crazy?


    • Greg

      It is VERY early for Stockton, but he impresses the hell out of me.

      He reminds me of a very young Farve.


    • Jordan Rodgers was talking about the “jump” (where both feet were off the ground and the QB uses his hips more to generate velocity) not to be confused with a jump pass. If he said something negative about JT’s mechanics, I didn’t hear it.

      The TD pass he threw to Mitchell right before the half was a bullet. You don’t make that throw without good mechanics. Of course, Cine wasn’t going to light up one of his teammates like he would have an opposing player in that situation.


    • James A Mercer Jr

      Good eyes, CCC…he was falling away on a lot of passes…’tho they were good passes! I’m sure Monchen will not these slight mechanical blips and get him even more squared away.


  4. I thought Beck needed to prove…and did…he can be our #2. Next year though, BVG should surpass him and with Gunner coming in, Beck and Kirby will have a tough choice to make. Good example of how the new transfer rule can help a kid rather than force a lost year.

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  5. mg4life0331

    When the season starts next year that room won’t be so deep. It is what it is.

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    • gurkhadawg

      Do you think Beck will be gone? If Vandagriff is progressing well, it’s just a matter of time. You’re right, it is what it is.


      • If Beck loses the QB duel in 2022 or doesn’t get a lot of meaningful snaps in 2021, he’s as good as gone. I would imagine BVG will consider his options if he loses the battle (although if he only plays in 4 games this year, he may sticks knowing there’s class separation).

        Of course, all of this assumes JT heads to the NFL in the spring.


  6. spur21

    If Stockton stays committed and Vandergriff shows out I suspect Beck might look around.

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    • Russ

      Or we start showing these guys what Trask and Matt Jones got from waiting their time. We’ve managed to keep the crowded RB room happy. Need to get the QBs to buy into the same rhythm/process but I understand QB is different from RB.