Mr. Conventional Wisdom has some burning questions.

I’ll leave it to you as to whether that concept is oxymoronic.  Instead, I’ll just focus on what he poses about Georgia’s place in the SEC East at the moment.

Burning questions: Is it now or never for Kirby Smart and the Bulldogs? Not only no but hell no. The narrative that the window of opportunity to win a national championship in Athens is closing is silly. As long as you recruit great players in sufficient numbers every year you have a chance. Having said that, does Georgia have a roster that puts them in the national championship discussion? Yep. Georgia has a franchise quarterback in JT Daniels. And if wide receiver George Pickens (ACL) gets back on the field some time this season it could get interesting. Even if Pickens doesn’t return there is a lot of talent (Kearis Jackson) in that receivers room. Georgia’s good. But can the Bulldogs win the East and beat Alabama? We’ll learn a lot about Georgia when it opens the season against Clemson.

You know, he almost had me with the first three sentences.  But he came through like the champ we all know he is in the last two.



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  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Unfortunately, they had to cut this last statement by Tony…”If Georgia drinks water during the Clemson game, they will stay hydrated.”


  2. practicaldawg

    We’ll know more about Tony’s next article when he publishes it

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  3. charlottedawg

    Is it conventional wisdom to say that while the clemson game will be a good measuring stick, it is not the most important game of the year, florida still is? Because that’s my take. We could be 11-1 but if that 1 is florida we might be on the outside looking in to the seccg and by extension our post season goals would be unattainable. If we’re 11-1 and that loss is clemson, we’re in the seccg, which is a de facto play in game and all our goals are still in front of us and we could even get a rematch.


    • I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if UGA beats Clemson, there’s no way in hell UGA loses to UF.

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      • charlottedawg

        Because we’ve certainly never had a good UGA team that laid an egg against florida, especially not after beating a highly ranked opponent before jacksonville. And we’ve definitely not beaten clemson then lost to Florida, like we did in 2002, 2003 and 2014.


        • Spell Dawg

          Kirby isn’t laying an egg in Jax, take that to the bank. Our QB room is not a liability this season; we’ll likely be without Pickens (again), but we’ve got plenty of talent ready to step-up.

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      • Bulldawg Bill

        Living dangerously are we, Senator?


      • Greg

        jinxed!!….oh well, somebody gotta do it.
        jinxed!….oh well, somebody gotta do it.
        jinxed!….oh well, somebody gotta do it.


      • Down Island Way

        There lies the burning bush thought from Capt. Tony of the S.S. Obvious, the football world will learn a lot about Klempsen after playing UGA football…


  4. spur21

    I’m amazed the “Mr. CFB” actually makes a living writing drivel. I saw nothing in that piece that isn’t common knowledge in college football fandom.


  5. Bulldawg Bill

    “I’ll leave it to you as to whether that concept is oxymoronic.”
    Looks like the moron could use some Oxy.


  6. Dawg93

    Here’s the thing about Tony – he writes in the same style that worked for most sportswriters, prior to the internet blowing up – call it pre-2000 or so. He’s posing questions and giving info that, quite frankly, everyone has discussed, heard, etc. ad nauseum on message boards, blogs and online articles. In the 80s and 90s, Tony had good info that you couldn’t get anywhere else. He wrote stories about “is this Georgia’s year??” that was reflective of what was being talked about in the barber shops, bars and back porches (the Three B’s of Southern sports talk, clearly). He just never updated his schtick with the current times and he looks like a dinosaur now.

    Mr. Conventional Wisdom had some value back in the day. Now? Not so much.

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    • 79dawg

      Yep, stepping into the way back machine 20 years or so ago and actually finding “news” in the paper, whereas today there’s nothing in there that hasn’t already been beaten into such a bloody pulp by hot taeks on the interwebs that I’m done pretty much hearing about it….

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Guys, the paper set me up with a tweet account that my secretary handles and my nephew tells me whats happening on The Facebook. Don’t worry about my modernization.

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    • RangerRuss

      I derive no pleasure in ridiculing Tony Barnhart.


    • James A Mercer Jr

      At last, a thinking man’s critique! Stated succiently and authoratatively without juvinille profanity but with factual analysis. Thanks Dawg93 for a good bit of intelligent perspective.

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  7. Harold Miller

    He was so close to putting together a cogent observation and then to a big ole’ crap.


  8. David D

    If my photoshop skillz were worth a shit, I’d have Tony wearing Captain Obvious’ uniform while holding an umbrella in the rain.


  9. Someone actually pays Tony. It’s amazing.


  10. sirjackshea1980

    Thank you for giving Mr. Barnhart the clicks he so desperately needs. Obviousness, apparently, is its own reward.


  11. GTP has changed over the years, but like Tony, we need to revive some classics.


    FiRE KIrbY!!

    Don’t accept mediocrity!

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  12. Faltering Memory

    The closest I get to a newspaper these days is throwing my 80+ year-old neighbor’s AJC and NYTimes onto her front porch from the curb where the newspaper delivery person drops it.

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  13. Tony BarnFart

    I want to see what Todd Monken’s offense looks like after an actual spring practice with a returning quarterback. We’ll find out week 1 ! #trembles


  14. Dawg19

    Reminds me of this:


  15. I used to look forward to his radio appearances and read Tony’s articles without fail. For example, in 2000 he did a really good (if I remember correctly) series on the the last 3 UGA-GTU games – ’97 Bobo to Corey Allen in the corner as timed expired; ’98 a last-second field goal in Athens (Tech had fumbled just before, but somehow they kept the ball for reasons I don’t remember more than referee ineptitude); and the debacle in ’99… which I won’t get into).

    Those kind of in-depth pieces about Georgia used to be harder to find. He provided great historical perspective on Southern football, and he was able to get quality interviews for longer features.

    He is not as suited to provide predictions or hot takes, and when he tries to generate content his attempts at click-bait statements are so obvious and non-controversial that they come off as embarrassing. It’s a shame because he was a talented, trained journalist.

    In Gurley’s last year, prior to the jersey thing, I heard him on several formats assert something like “I think Todd Gurley is one of the best running backs in the nation” as if Gurley was under the radar.

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  16. archiecreek

    back in my day we had to read that trade school uplifter, Furman Bishop in the AJC.
    Thank God for Lewis Grizzard to put a UGA perspective in the AJC!!

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