Moar Steele rankings

Here’s a nice daily double.

Offense is good, not not quite as good.

Georgia’s problem, of course, is that it likely faces two teams in the regular season ranked higher on all four lists.



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  1. Greg

    Looks fair as far as UGA goes (overall), but I question Alabama’s projected offense…..they lost an awful lot of scoring power and start the season with an inexperienced QB…..I see two losses for them.

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    • ASEF

      Who? Texas AM and…?


      • Greg

        possibly LSU….and then you have the SECCG. They definitely have talent, but it is young.

        Losing Mac Jones, DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris, Leatherwood, Landon Dickerson and Deonte Brown is a lot to lose on offense.

        Then you have Sarkisian who moved on to greener pastures to replace and they have a new QB that is talented, but undersized and inexperienced.

        Experience, leadership and continuity on “O…..thinks it will take some time to get that back and will lose some on the way.

        Their defense, really not convinced on Golden or that they are as good as the prediction from Steele. That Ole Miss game, he just looked confused and not knowing what to do to stop them. Thinks that will show up again.

        Of course, all of this could be just wishful thinking….but it’s how I see it.

        Honestly, I would like to see them undefeated coming into Atlanta and meeting the Dawgs……..I would think UGA would want some of that ass.

        I certainly do, it would mean more imo.


        • ASEF

          The Ole Miss game was (a) early, (b) played in a hurricane, and (c) featured a lot of freshmen in the 2 deep, including a couple of starters. Tailor made scenario for wrong-footing guys with multiple reads, which is Lane’s forte. I think people read way too much into it. They were a completely different unit to end the season.

          LSU is going to be a tire-fire again this season.

          Alabama really benefits from Florida and Texas AM starting over at QB. So is Alabama, but they’ve been plug-and-play 3 straight QBs now, each one of them somehow better than the previous. Mullen and Jimbo tend to peak with experienced QBs and dip considerably when they have to start over.

          We’ll see.


          • Greg

            Could be right, that is what make college football so exciting. But as you say, we’ll see.

            Definitely hope you are right, if we take care of business, stay healthy and etc……..this team matches up well with Bama.

            Again, rather see them again than anyone else. A victory would mean more IMO.


        • APT

          Be careful what you wish for …but I also would like to see two undefeated teams play in the SEC title match. I am not questioning Bama on offense, Tide just reloads (including coaching).


          • Greg

            Doesn’t matter what I wish for, if we beat them, it’s because we were the better team…..or vice verse.

            But to me, if we are fortunate enough to make it to the SECCG…..personally, if we are going to face the best team from the west, I would rather see them along with Saban.

            Speaking solely from a fan perspective…


  2. rigger92

    There are several teams from Florida on these lists, just not the one I’m thinking about…..

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Lot of love for the Kiffin Kancer there.


  4. But, but, but… where are the Gators? We were told Grantham is good now


  5. originaluglydawg

    I wonder how dated Steele’s projections are.
    Were his offensive numbers crunched before or after Airik Gilbert transferred to UGA?


  6. Air Force, Toledo, Kent St. This is just projected stats nonsense.


  7. 69Dawg

    I just “HOPE” for a good season. I don’t want to give SEC Shorts anymore ammo for their show. That Hope show was funny, my wife even laughed and she can’t stand them.

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  8. akascuba

    The biggest surprise for me is how high he is on OU’s defense. Given that Lincoln Riley is coming from a conference with an almost automatic playoff berth add in his 0 – forever playoff record seems he would be under more pressure to produce this season.

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  9. Remember the Quincy

    We play Bama during the regular season?


  10. Never thought I’d see a Jimbo coached team ranked so highly on the defensive side.


  11. uga97

    -#6 National Scoring O, Last 10 Yrs = 42 pts/game, which means dawgs are projected to have an increase of 10 pts / game more than 2020.

    -UGA, Clemson, Bama, Oklahoma & Coastal Carolina only teams on both Scoring O & D lists.

    -No surprise if Bama is in 4 quarter dogfights with LSU, Ole Miss, maybe Tex A&M if Jimbo finds his QB.

    where the F are the turds of jort vegas? Crickets. Nada.

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  12. Down Island Way

    Will u mass be favored against new mexico st by 1 point or 1 position ranking in back to back home and away games…


  13. MGW

    “No excuses! They should easily win it all or Kirby sucks!!!”


  14. Clayton Joiner

    To be the best, you have to beat the best…let’s get it on! Go Dawgs!

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  15. rigger92

    So, random guy drives up into my driveway in a golf cart that is all white/orange/Purple with tiger crap all over it. I’m in Greenwood, SC.

    He stops me from finishing cutting my grass behind my snapper walk behind. Asks me if he could borrow my tractor with the front end loader. He says, I see you are a Georgia fan (flag and VISOR, love visors for the heat, not to mention the red shirt) yeah, went there, so did my wife. Sure, you can borrow the tractor. Guy says “I’ll pay whatever you ask”, I say “cmon man, we are in the neighborhood, None of that”. He lives on the lakeshore and has a big load of topsoil dumped where he had a wall built. I am tempted to go down there and see how he is doing.

    The only thing I can think about is “when we pound that ass I am going to say something”. Do I need help?

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  16. ASEF

    I don’t get the Clemson love at all.

    How did they get better? Because they weren’t competitive against Ohio State once the Buckeyes realized they were just bigger, stronger, faster.


  17. CB

    With the caveat that Clemson’s projections are definitely bolstered by their abysmal schedule after the opener.