Which team poses the biggest threat to Alabama?

PAWWWLLL!!! is all in on the Dawgs.  Whether that’s from being an SEC homer, or setting up Kirby as Saban’s recurring foil, or for some other reason, I couldn’t say.


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  1. 81Dog

    PAWWWWLLLL has made himself rich by rubbing two fan bases together and watching the resulting fires.

    It started with Alabama and Auburn, but now he is national. So, it’s Alabama and Georgia. Or Clemson and Georgia. Or Alabama and Clemson. The Big Ten is simply a group to be mocked by all, sort of a palate cleanser before the next course of one fan base against another.

    I can only take about 39 seconds of that schtick a day, but some people love it. It isn’t insightful, it’s mostly like rasslin’.

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    • Down Island Way

      Always thought little nicky could be the bammers worst enemy, he’s proved that theory wrong, what do I know…Nada…


  2. bucketheridge

    Oh, it’s definitely about setting up the Kirby v. Saban narrative and the Georgia as the insurgent program and to drive interest in his show. Everything he does is to drive interest in his show.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Penis Head likes us! He actually likes us!

    For now.

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  4. akascuba

    Having watched his show this week during his interview of Stinch. I can say this jerk is setting Kirby up. He wants everyone to think Georgia should beat Clemson so either way it’s a no win for Georgia.

    Of course he asked John if Kirby can’t win a Natty this year then when?

    He did say during the interview he believed Kirby long term was the biggest threat to Saban. He called Kirby a Saban 2.0 coach. That was probably the only honest thing he said.

    He has spent most of his adult life living in and talking Bama. His words not mine.
    Pawwwwll is no friend of Georgia. He like Herbie has a giant platform to promote his favorite team. Two biased assholes on the ESPN payroll. Each just happens to represent the top team in the two most viewed conferences.

    It’s always about the money and getting tOSU and Bama in the playoffs is required to get the most viewers. What are the two only teams to ever get in the CFP without winning their conference championship?

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  5. moe pritchett

    Pretend anyone else besides PFB says this, and there is a bit of merit to the thought that if the Dawgs win 09/04 then the narrative becomes a satellite on the SECCG, and the probability of the “Padawan become Jedi” -Kirby-facing the Sith Lord-Saban. The story line sets up a possibly fantastic “SEC Storied” episode. I am of the mind that Kirby will be the first assistant to best Saban, when is anyone’s guess but this year sets up well for such.
    “That’s no moon, it’s a space station.”
    But remember what happened at the end of the movie….

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  6. RangerRuss

    2019 my wife was at the WLOCP for the first time since ’84 staying at the Hyatt. While having coffee early Gameday Pawl politely asked if he could sit with her. Of course she’s wearing her Georgia colors and Finebaum told her he was predicting a UGA win. She said he was very complimentary about the UGA football program and predicted a NC very soon. Wife was not and still is not a fan of his show. However, she enjoyed the conversation and seemed surprised that he was so nice in person and seemed to be all in on the Dawgs.
    I wasn’t there as I didn’t want to watch the game from the Duval County jail. Had I walked up and saw him sitting with my wife there’s no way I could have resisted thumping one of those big ears protruding from that tan, birth-control glasses adorned penis Paaaawl calls his head. He would’ve looked funny with a big, purple Little Jack Horner plum on his ear during the pre-game show.

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    • One of my daughter’s friends works for the WWL, and she has gotten to go on the SEC Network campus set a couple of times. She met Finebaum and Tebow and said both of them were very nice. Knowing that, my perspective on him has changed a bit.

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    • 69Dawg

      I was at the Hogtown airport waiting to pick up friends from Georgia and who should come through the arrival gate but Paul. I was wearing a UGA hat and as he past he said I would watch wearing that here. He spoke to me just because he could tell I was a Dawg fan.

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  7. TEXBaller

    Paul makes three valid points; 1) Clem not as good as in years past 2) Clem defense suspect 3) Dawgs win.

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    • APT

      Both UGA and Clemson (as most teams) have questions going into this great opening match up. To make comments that Clemson is not as good as teams past, time will tell.
      I remember Tennessee was taking a step back after the great Peyton Manning left Knoxville after 4 years. Then T. Martin lead the Vols to a National Title.
      How many times has Alabama gone into a season having to replace the majority of their defense and break in a new QB only to be last man standing at the end of the season.
      Point is – it’s college football! Let the games begin!

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      • RangerRuss

        Clemson sucks.
        That’s a given. Even when they beat Bama, what, 100 to nuthin’ in that one championship they still sucked. That’s why the Corps of Engineers built that series of lakes on the Savannah River. To keep those rotten motherfuckers, their skank ho wives/sisters and inbred, mentally defective bastards out of our fine state.
        That doesn’t mean the Dawgs are going to enjoy a cakewalk in Charlotte. But when the Dawgs do beat that urnge ass like a stepchild with hair the color of those obnoxious helmets? It won’t be anything I haven’t seen before.

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  8. Whiskey Dawg

    I’ll tune in to his show if (and when) Kirby beats Saban. The banquet of barbecued Crow he’ll serve up to the bama faithful will be elegant and quite satisfying if you are a Georgia fan.

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  9. 69Dawg

    I record his show during football season and look to see if he has a guest that I’m interested in. If he does I fast forward to the guest. I hate the WWE nature of the calls.

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    • akascuba

      I do the exact same thing. Check out the guests I want to hear fast forward past him and his cast of idiots. Delete the recording out of season restart just before media days.

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