“How does UGA beat Clemson?”

In a clip that echoes many of the same points Brent Rollins made (which makes sense, since he asks pretty much the same question as in the header) Graham and Josh look at what Notre Dame and Ohio State did last season to exploit the Clemson defense.  It’s worth watching, because they post successful plays from both losses.

I do want to temper any sense of unbridled enthusiasm you may get watching that with a couple of considerations.  One, we’re all drooling over what Monken is going to be able to do with his tight end room, but it’s worth remembering that his top three players at the position (I’m not including Gilbert, since he’ll be used as more of a flex option) have a whopping total of seventeen catches between them.  We’re counting on potential a lot more than production at the moment.  That may work out, but who knows for now?

Two, I don’t think Ohio State’s offensive line has gotten the credit it deserves from that game.  They didn’t just hold their own against Clemson’s defensive line; they pretty much won in the trenches all night.  I know I’m repeating myself here, but if we get the same production in the opener that the Buckeyes did, I think you can pretty much ignore the rest of the fine points, because, barring some unfortunate, diarrhetic attack of turnovers, the Dawgs are winning that game.

What gives me the most grounds for optimism, though, is Todd Monken, who’s been through the wars on both the collegiate and professional levels.  I don’t see him being spooked by Venables.  He’ll have his charges ready.  It’ll be up to them to execute the game plan.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    FWIW, using Steele rankings:
    UGA OL vs Clem DL is 7 vs 1
    Clem OL vs UGA DL is 14 vs 2
    I know we haven’t heard as much about the Clem OL as their DL.


  2. bcdawg97

    This was my Clemson boss’ response to the previous post about the ND/OSU losses:

    Fair, but my counter would be, against ND we had only 2-3 starters playing on D that game because of injury and game went to OT. Second game we played ND was a different story. Tempo gave us trouble last year, but bigger factor was inexperienced , getting out of position during those plays. OSU played out of their mind that night and had that game circled all year. Bad games happen but think it was more on OSU performance/execution than us having problems on D.

    I definitely trust that any good OC uses what worked on film against a team, and I’m very bullish on our O this year, but just something to maybe temper some enthusiasm.

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  3. “We’re counting on potential a lot more than production at the moment. That may work out, but who knows for now?”

    My sentiments exactly. Lots of questions in my mind, about this team, and not just about the tight ends. I think we have a chance to be really good, but we need to prove ourselves on the field, in a game of national significance.

    Can’t remember a more important opening game than this one, at least not in the past several years.

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  4. rigger92

    Haven’t listened to the cast yet, but this is why I want to know who Zamir was pissed off at in that post yesterday. He mad about his blocking? Or, is our D front pissing him off? That young man was irked about something…..

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    • David D

      He was pissed at ESPN for only ranking Georgia at #9 at running back among other schools. At least I am hoping that’s what he’s pissed at.

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  5. practicaldawg

    Venables is good, but he has also been really carved up in his last 2 CFP losses against better offenses. I think it’s just more support for the narrative that modern elite offenses always trump the best defensives.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Has our OL dominated any decent defensive line recently? I’m pretty certain we have the talent. Coaching is the question mark.

    I think we did fine against aubie’s very good DL in ‘19, but those players are in the nfl now and it happened under a different OL coach.

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  7. Bulldawg Bill

    “How does UGA beat Clemson?”

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  8. I keep going back on forth on that basic question: how do the Dawgs beat the Tigers?

    I believe it will come down to the team that scores the most points.