All aboard the Dawg train

This clip is worth watching, if only to hear Aaron Murray say, “but you’ve got a quarterback, finally, in Athens”.  Wonder how long that “finally” covers, LOL.

Nice fist bump, too.


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12 responses to “All aboard the Dawg train

  1. I do have a bone to pick with that comment. Fromm was a damn good QB until the South Carolina game his junior season.

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  2. 79dawg

    Sounds like CBS is really going to be banking on us this year – they love a good frontrunner! Too bad we have no good home games to give them…

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  3. Ole Dokes

    Rat poison + looks like Coach Richt taught AMurray how to dress.

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  4. classiccitycanine

    I could get used to being a favorite in big games. Now we just gotta win them.