It just means more, except when it doesn’t.

I’m laughing my ass off about the hot take that arose from the ashes after Florida’s loss last night, that the SEC East isn’t all that.  Amazing that it’s just dawned on some folks, considering that my last power poll of the regular season had the bottom five spots occupied by teams from the East.  Duh, in other words.

The teams were nothing special and are now playing in lower tier bowl games, not exactly opportunities to showcase their hidden greatness.  Beyond that, considering that Florida elected to start a quarterback who’d already announced he was transferring and Missouri’s coaches benched their best player for the bowl game, what exactly did people expect was going to happen?


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  1. DawgStats

    Everyone blames the playoff for diminished Bowls. Yes, Bowl games are meaningless. And they have been on downward trajectory since BCS and 6-6 teams playing in 30+ Bowl games in Idaho and Shreveport and …

    Make more games matter and the sport will be better off.
    They are playing these games in the middle of the day in mid December.

    They are meaningless and the players know it. Blame ESPN. Not players

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    • Hammer, meet nail. Merry Christmas, Josh! 😉

      I would venture to say the games weren’t meaningless to Army and UCF.

      And when you say “Blame ESPN”, you’re really saying “Blame college football fans”, because, as meaningless as these games may be to you, they still draw higher ratings than pretty much everything else this time of year.

      You want to make these games mean more? Have the bowls pay the players enough NIL promo money that the top talent doesn’t skip ’em to prepare for the NFL draft.

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  2. practicaldawg

    The current narrative is always rewriting history. How quickly we forget that a couple of months ago, the media viewed UF as a peer to Alabama and a likely playoff contender.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    If it means we cake-walk to the secc every year for the next couple decades, I’m good with it. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Nashville.

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  4. I got the impression Theybwere trying to give a nod to the underutilized backs to keep them out of the transfer portal for Napier. That team wasn’t built for that. Not sure what they were built for, but it wasn’t for winning against Malzahahahan.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Without being a pro-SEC guy – or even a knowledgeable fan – these bowl games have had some moments for average folks watching bits and pieces between holiday preparations.
    Army winning on a last second field goal. UCF thrashing Florida and then having the ‘turds show their collective ass at the end? That was Christmas come early for a lifelong Gator Hater.
    I’m actually getting a little nervous about Michigan, though.

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  6. mg4life0331

    Kinda weird now that this place mocked all the people that said we didnt play anybody.

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  7. jim1886

    The answer is, “Do not watch them”
    The 1st bowl game i will watch is Bama vs Cincinnati.
    When viewership goes down, espn will react.
    Follow the money


  8. uga97

    Excuses. SEC progams have more money, more talent, more coaching and more resources than the bowl teams they play regardless of a few optouts. This is 100% motivation. Does this kind of shit make us us even more proud of our schedule or less? The fact is we actually need East teams be stronger. During the reg season we need them test us, so we can be better vs the elite teams especially in the post season. We laugh at Clemson for their cakewalk through the ACC, and was this year’s slate any different for us? For a long time the SEC East has been weaker than the West. Thought it was cycling back after Mullet was hired, but no UT & FU programs have been in a perpetual dumpster they cannot seem to climb out of. Sadly, it’s us and UK until further notice.


  9. mp

    I hate the annual dissonance between bowl games being exhibitions and conference dominance arguments.


    • Bowl games didn’t become exhibitions until the powers that be in college sports and the media (cough, cough … ESPN … cough, cough) decided a 4-team playoff (and eventually, a 12-team bracket) was best for the sport. I didn’t love in 2012 that we fell from 5 yards from a shot at the national title to the game in Orlando, but our fans showed up and showed out. That was one of the most fun bowl trips I’ve experienced (yes, that includes the Sugar Bowl following the 2002 SEC championship). The UGA and SEC chants were real and they were spectacular. The Bulldog Nation celebrated that team that day.

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  10. originaluglydawg

    For the teams that come from weaker conferences…playing against SEC teams in non-playoff bowls, It just means more.


  11. stoopnagle

    Ah yes the diminished SEC East courtesy of Kirby’s Alabamazation of Georgia recruiting.

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