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Run the damned ball, Harbaugh.

One thing you’ve got to say about Michigan’s offense — they’re committed to the running game.  Check out their game log for the season:

Good times, bad times, it didn’t matter.  Their lowest tally of the season was 34, against Michigan State and Iowa.  (By comparison, Georgia’s run the ball fewer than 34 times in eight out of twelve games.)  They ran the ball 44 times against Wisconsin, despite only averaging 2.55 ypc.

In other words, come New Year’s Eve, they runnin’.  Can the Dawgs stop them on the ground without having to load the box?  (Boy, isn’t that a familiar question in a different context.)  It appears to be a real strength vs. strength question.  Kirby’s probably salivating about will imposition as he watches game tape.



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“You’re ruining her legacy, son.”

Coach 30 breaks down Florida’s latest loss.


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Merry Christmas, ‘ya filthy animals

We’ve got a tradition here at the blog on Christmas day, and this year… it’s Robert Earl Keen Time!

Even if your family scene today isn’t quite like that, best wishes for a Merry Christmas, y’all, from me and all your fellow readers.


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