Still in charge

In case you were wondering…

Hope the team effort has a better showing than it did in the SECCG.


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  1. ben

    After that turd laying in Atlanta and the distractions since then, I’m not expecting much from our guys this weekend. I’ll watch, but, man, did the SECCG take some wind out of my sails.

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  2. dawgphan34



  3. debbybalcer

    I know they are all focused on this game.

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  4. Ace Harris

    I honestly think Michigan will be all over Stetson and I think that will be the difference in the game, hope not but that is what I would do and I think that is the way it will play out. Kirby is too stubborn to take him out.


    • spur21

      Do you think JT will be available? If he isn’t and Stetson is ineffective then what?


    • Munsoning

      “Bennett’s production drops precipitously when facing pressure. Bennett sports PFF’s third highest QBR on non pressured plays behind OSU’s Stroud and Coastal’s McCall (ahead of Bryce Young). But, when facing pressure, Bennett’s QB Rating goes from 137.5 to 37.4.”

      Not sure the big uglies have faced a pass rush as good as Michigan’s but pass blocking is their strength. Hoping Salyer is healthy and ready to rock. If the run game gets going and Stet gets a clean pocket, the Dawgs should win by 10+.


  5. The problem hasn’t been SBIV under pressure. It’s been SBIV behind the chains on 3rd down. If we don’t have an effective running game, it’s going to be a challenge.


  6. theotherdoug

    When the TV zoomed in on Lanning during the SECCG I noticed Smart told Lanning something and then Lanning signalled in the defense.

    It’s still Kirby’s defense.


  7. theoriginalspike

    G.A.T.A. That’s all I got fellas..

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  8. akascuba

    ‘Beat Michigan

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  9. Terry McCullers

    Beat Michigan then it’s anybody’s championship

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    • sniffer

      I don’t think Bama is thinking about us yet and they won’t be scared. But they don’t want to play is again. What worked the first time won’t be a surprise next time. If there is a next time. Now, if we lose to UM, it’s gonna be a looong off season and Kirby will have a bullseye on his back from all of us. Reason vary but mostly about not being prepared.


      • moe pritchett

        A bullseye on his back for a 12-1 season plus a playoff appearance??
        Dude. Putting a coach on a hot seat for taking us to where 126 other teams want to be , would be asinine process at its finest.

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        • sniffer

          Sorry , Moe, I might have been more precise. Kirby isn’t in any danger if being fired and that was not my point. Anything less than a CFP Championship will bring out all the voices that say he can’t coach qb’s, doesn’t know offense, is too controlling, etc., etc. Same things said since Jake Fromm was winning what, 90% of his games. That was my point. And I misspoke when I said, “from all of us”. But bet this, there will be plenty of grousing around here with anything less than a trophy.

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          • ben

            Absolutely there will be grousing around here. If we come up short, it’ll be the third time in four years that Kirby, who was brought in to replicate the Bama plan, will have been beaten by Saban for a championship. And the fourth time in four years if we play them in Indy.

            I know, no one else is beating Saban, either. And 12-1 or 13-2 with this team is really good, but if we don’t get over the Bama hump, and Saban is still around doing Saban things, people will be frustrated. And they’ll be right to be frustrated just as much as you have your right to be optimistic.

            I’m gonna watch, and I’m gonna cheer for the Dawgs, and I’ll eat my crow if we win. And hell, I still think we should build a statue for Stetson for what he’s done for the program. But I’m still grousing and frustrated because I lived in south Alabama for 13 years during the Saban run and the Auburn championships, and I’m tired of seeing my team come up short.

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          • Gaskilldawg

            Just as Bobby Bowden was and Tom Osbourne didn’t win a national championship in their first 6 years af FSU and Nebraska respectively. Osborne won his first NC at the end of his 22nd year at Nebraska. Bowden won his first in his 22nd year at FSU and 38th year iof being a 4 year college head coach.
            I will get both coaches were glad no one put a bullseye on their backs after just 6 years.
            Through his first 79 games Smartvis 65-14. Through his first 79 games as a 4 year college head coach Bowden was 58-21. Osborne was 61-16-2.
            Smart is doing fine.

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      • James A Mercer Jr

        I’m sure Kirby sits up nignts with worry about what “we” think!