Can’t tell the offseason without a scorecard.

Gotten lost with the comings and goings in Athens post-natty?  Here’s a handy guide to the outgoing and the incoming.

Of course, that remains a work in progress.


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7 responses to “Can’t tell the offseason without a scorecard.

  1. RangerRuss

    The thee DB’s coming back is huge as is the return of Beal and Nolan Smith. Kearis is only going to get better. Upperclassmen leadership is so damn important as proved in 2021. It seems lately that the eligible players are taking good advice and not jumping to the League too soon. Of course it would be nice if some high draft juniors would return, but you can’t blame them for getting while the getting’s good. They “finished the drill”.
    Some of the boys who left via the portal saw the writing on the wall. Others, and I’m looking at you Burton, I hope they come to regret it.

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  2. Russ

    Nolan Smith returning is huge, both from a player standpoint but more importantly from a leadership standpoint.

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