The snark never gets old.

Athlon takes a look at the number of starters returning for every SEC team here, and I have a question.

(Nah, not about the sub-headers.  Athlon just fucked those up; they’re supposed to be offense and defense.)

If Alabama’s bringing back thirteen of their 22 starters from last season’s team that played for a natty, but none of them are Metchie or Williams, is that an overall plus or minus?  Asking for a friend…



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25 responses to “The snark never gets old.

  1. Russ

    Heh heh! Never let them forget their whining.

    Miss St returning all those starters might make that game in Starkvegas in November very interesting. I hope not.


    • biggusrickus

      I could see them going 10-2 and upsetting someone. I just hope it isn’t Georgia. Of course, I can also see them going 7-5.


  2. jcdawg83

    I don’t see how Alabama is ever going to win a single game going forward without Metchie and Williams.

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  3. Ran A

    Read the article. Dear Lord that was lazy and with little thought.


  4. olddawg22

    Yeah and Dawgs lost whole defense and bring back a backup walk on QB that’s only claim to fame is he won a Natty!
    We are toast!
    PS our defensive 5 first round picks just got stroked checks for signing bonuses of well over $50 million!!!!!


  5. Dawgfan1995

    It’s tough to take a publication seriously when its “Recommended Articles” clickbait includes a story that Gary Carter dies at age 57.

    That happened in February 2012.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Athlon is the same publication last season that sincerely told us Sideshow Dan the Clown was a better coach than Kirby.

    I ain’t got time for that crap.

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    • Derek

      Anyone else’s takes from last season that you’d like to revisit?

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      • rigger92

        Did you book your room at LA yet? (I don’t mean lower Alabama)


        • Derek

          No, not yet. LA is a big town so I’m not real worried about having advanced arrangements like I was with Indy.

          If we get there I’d like to figure out a way to get up to Terry Hoage’s winery in Paso Robles. Its a trek. Hard to know what I can do until we get closer. I can see anything from 2 nights at an airport hotel to a long weekend on the beach in Malibu being possible.

          But if we qualify, and I’m breathing, I’m there.


        • SoCalDawg

          Come flood the South Bay. As amazing as the Rose Bowl was with everyone visiting, SoFi is so much closer to us. I’d be ecstatic to have a true “home game” for the Natty.

          Agree w/ Derek, I booked my Indy hotel far in advance due to Indy’s size.


  7. biggusrickus

    Losing Methcie and Williams is like losing 10 starters on each side.

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  8. Opelikadawg

    I thought rhe 2022 season was was cancelled anyway because Metchie and Williams aren’t playing.


  9. jim1886

    Just another lazy article.
    Just like Ga was left off of the all sec preseason rosters last year, with one exception, they pay no attention to the number of players that played significant snaps


  10. Dawg19

    Rich Strike only won because Metchie and Williams didn’t race.

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  11. TEXBaller

    Some of yall need to rethink all the love given to LSU & Ark a couple of days ago.


  12. Castleberry

    I’m curious. Has anyone produced a metric on % of snaps returning? Outside of Cine and DK, seems like most of the guys rotated out quite a bit.
    Losing 8 starters is rough but there are plenty of seasoned guys with lots of PT rolling in to backfill.

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