Headed for a break up

Apparently Bryan Harsin can’t coach.

Auburn football, after two warm-up games to begin the season, is a mystery no more. The team is soft, and ill-equipped for the rigors of second-half football just as competition in the SEC begins. That’s the coach’s fault, and speaks to something greater than one loss to Penn State. In its last five games against Power 5 opponents, Auburn has been outscored 94-18 in second halves.

… How could a team play so poorly as Auburn did against Penn State? It’s got nothing to do with a game plan. A loss like that all starts with the head coach and how he built and trained his team months before the season.

Auburn’s true character under Harsin was revealed in those painful moments after halftime, and it was a brutally honest accounting of a football team unprepared.

He can’t or won’t recruit, either ($$).

… While the way Auburn’s meddlers went about their attempted coup of Harsin in January was despicable, their reason for wanting a change was logical. In his first year at Auburn, Harsin showed no interest in trying to compete with Alabama’s Saban or Georgia’s Smart for players. That is the easiest way to ensure a future in which Auburn never has a chance against Alabama or Georgia.

Other than that, he’s perfect.

Staples says the end is near.

Bryan Harsin won’t be Auburn’s coach much longer. If he loses to Missouri on Saturday, he might not be Auburn’s coach next week. The most obvious time to make a move seems to be after the Georgia game (Oct. 8).

To which, I can only offer the obvious retort.

Dave Chappelle Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


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47 responses to “Headed for a break up

  1. voxdawg

    Even Clesi had seen the writing on the wall. She left the Barn this month for a staff position at San Jose State.

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  2. moe pritchett

    They could’ve just given me the $10.5 and I could have fucked it even better.

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  3. RangerRuss

    Auburn sucks.

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  4. Terry McCullers

    Dead man walking!

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  5. NotMyCrossToBear

    I hope Harsin is still coaching when we play them. That’ll be the end. I can’t wait to see who they hire next.

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  6. Harold Miller

    So, there is a better than average chance that 2 of our rivals will have hired coaches that will never have lead their teams to Athens. Has that ever happened before?

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  7. On the one hand, Harsin has totally been getting railroaded by Auburn’s dipshit boosters. On the other hand, he really is doing a lousy job. Thank god I don’t have to get emotionally invested in either side and can just sit back and pop some popcorn.

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  8. biggusrickus

    I doubt Harsin would have been successful anyway, but he was undercut from the beginning. He had no chance.

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    • Biggen

      I agree. Boosters from big/blue blood schools expect flashy hires. The Harsin hire didn’t make sense and the day it happened I told some friends “That will never work”.

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  9. Everyone saw the hell Gus dealt with between being measured against the 2 best programs in the sport and the school’s meddling boosters (maybe I got those out of order). No one was beating down the door to get that job when Harsin was hired, and no one the boosters are going to want is going to come near it.

    Auburn may be becoming the 2020s version of Tennessee.

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  10. TripleB

    When they fire him I’m sure all the top flight coaches will be waiting in line to join the “Auburn family.” Maybe they should just let Ol YellaWood coach em.

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  11. Well I can’t hate watch Auburn and Mizzou, midget wrestling never did it for me.

    I hope the War Tigers lose of course, never liked a team with bipolar mascot disorder…that and

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    • RangerRuss

      Man, I’d like to know the backstory behind that video. Well, more than simply grownups worldwide knowing that Auburn sucks.

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      • RR, it’s one of the great mysteries of life. It is comforting though, knowing that youth around the world are being taught the truth. Unlike the GA public school system that taught me the 3 Rs…what sucked was only 1 of the 3 started with the letter R, and I didn’t figure that out until my sophomore year in Athens.


      • TripleB

        College Football Missionaries spreading the truth to those who need enlightenment!

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  12. Ran A

    Looked like a Vanderbilt hire from day one.

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  13. The thing I can’t get over is the AD had worked with, and been instrumental in hiring Lance Leipold at Buffalo, yet never really considered him at Auburn.

    That dude can flat out coach.

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  14. Heh…that article is brutal calling out Harsin. The buck does stop with the HC, but when he’s complaining his players aren’t executing that’s just perfect. Auburn sucks.

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  15. ugafidelis

    Next man up!

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  16. godawgs1701

    I actually do hate to see it, after seeing how bad he was at the job I was hoping we’d get at least three years out of the Harsin era.

    Surely they can’t lose to Missouri, though, right? I keep hearing how the guy will get fired if they lose to Mizzou and… maybe I don’t have my head fully wrapped around the situation on the Plains but they aren’t THAT bad, are they? Losing to Penn State isn’t the world’s biggest football sin. Maybe getting smoked by Penn State is, but they showed signs of competitiveness in that game early. Is Auburn really bad enough to be sweating a Missouri game? If I knew my wishes were going to start coming true I would have been wishing for lotto tickets instead.

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    • doubledawg09

      I think it depends on whether Harsin has lost the team mentally. They SHOULD beat Mizzou given the comparative athletic talent at the two schools, but if the Auburn kids have quit on Harsin, then Mizzou will likely prevail. Auburn isn’t good enough to not be mentally focused and win against anybody, period.

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  17. I hope this Auburn fans mouthing off to us at the Widespread Panic concert in Huntsville are enjoying this. Running your mouth to people at a gotdamn Panic show- you deserve whatever comes to you.

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  18. Tony BarnFart

    Hugh Freeze is really their only option for somebody that would fit like a glove and aww-shucks his way right into the hearts of their slimy, low IQ boosters.

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  19. theotherdoug

    NIL took the value out of the bagman.

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  20. Against Mercer, they didn’t substitute freely until very late. I’m thinking very little, if any, depth.

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  21. I don’t care for Auburn.


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