I have seen the future of SEC football broadcasting.

And quite frankly, it leaves something to be desired.

Dawg fans not traveling to Athens Saturday, you didn’t really want to watch this game anyway, did ‘ya?


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38 responses to “I have seen the future of SEC football broadcasting.

  1. Gaskilldawg

    I understand that the SEC’s media deal with ESPN requires that each team be on the streaming site once every year.

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  2. RangerRuss

    My dumbass was able to stream the Chucktown Southern game last season. So it can’t be that difficult. Using the gold, thick HDMI cord from laptop to TV improved the picture beautifully.
    I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I had help from Horndog Hans and the wife. I’m basically a Luddite.
    In the words of all those quitters left by the wayside, “Why does it have to be so haaaaard?”

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  3. classiccitysteve

    While I can see where this is kind of pain for older folks, I guess, the 5 or 6 bucks a month I spend on espn+ is entirely worth it. Every college football game that matters, I can rewatch on demand, great expanded PGA tournament coverage, every single match at major tennis tournaments, all kinds of other college sports, the 30 for 30 library…the list goes on. Cord cutting and streaming is just the way things are going now. Could be worse, just back in 2008 when I was in undergrad, this game might not have any tv coverage at all.

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  4. Biggen

    My Comcast cable box can pull these SEC+ games right into and and I can watch them just like I’m watching any other channel which is nice. I’ll actually be at the in laws this weekend in Alabama so I guess I’ll se how the ESPN app works in my iPad for the first time.

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  5. Muscogee

    We’re the #1 team

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  6. RangerRuss

    I’ve read the Senator and other posters various scenarios that would cause them to lose interest in college football. It would take some serious annoyance for me to stop watching the Dawgs. Hell, I changed my relocation destination to here in order to receive more Georgia football coverage. But I’ll only put up with so much aggravation to watch a sport on TV. It became a headache I wasn’t willing to deal with to watch the Braves a few years ago. I’d been watching since the 70’s. Not anymore. If the future is PPV for every Georgia game?
    Fuck around and find out I reckon.

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  7. I’ll be there and wasn’t planning to watch a replay. Problem solved. 😉

    Seriously, as long as you have the SECN in your TV package (traditional cable/satellite or streaming), you are fine (just remember your password).

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  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Wouldn’t re-watching any of the first 3 games be equivalent to watching the Kent game?

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  9. TripleB

    They keep threatening to bring Broadband, whatever the hell that means, to the country. Until ten, looks like I’ll be listening on the radio—they still have that, right?

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  10. Butler Reynolds

    We’ve been living in this sweet spot where we get every game easily and pretty inexpensively. It was fun while it lasted. There’s going to be a lot of pressure to get us to sign-up for the Mickey+ channels. However, my hunch is that when it shakes out, it will still be better than what we had before this sweet spot.

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  11. Russ

    I miss The Ocho.

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  12. Russ

    Hey, at least we’re not saddled with the Longwhoren Network. My Longhorn wife wanted to watch Texas but Xfinity doesn’t carry LHN. So she got me to sign up for ESPN+. Nope, they don’t carry it natively. Next tried YouTube TV but it “isn’t available via streaming”. How TF else do you watch YouTube TV? Finally gave up because she not as obsessed as I am. I’m not a Texas fan but it still pisses me off how incompetent Texas/ESPN/LHN is.

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  13. stoopnagle

    Look on the bright side: at least you’re not a basketball fan who just had all their games moved to Peacock!

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  14. godawgs1701

    It’s the Athens contingent’s turn to be extorted by Disney for ESPN streaming subscriptions! Luckily, I’ll be at the game so I’ll continue being unable to watch “Peyton’s Places” for a while longer yet.


  15. Morris Day

    My only complaint about streaming is the lag is so bad and uneven, I can’t sync my SportSync radio to the stream. Streaming signal isn’t constant like over-the-air or satellite. So, even if I can delay the radio broadcast long enough to sync with the game, streaming is so uneven, it gets out of sync with the radio and has to continually be adjusted. Just not worth it… as long as we don’t have Beth Mowins on the call, I’ll be okay!


  16. Tony BarnFart

    It seems like the strategy by the media companies when it comes to sports is to chop up and place just enough content in all of their various ecosystems so they can ding you for a million tiny subscriptions or annoy / confuse you so much that you just keep it all. The second you research a strategy for minimizing costs or streamlining your approach, some subcontract changes and you have to go research and reinvent the wheel again (or throw up your hands, which is the goal i suspect).

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  17. PeachPit

    I don’t get cable since I never watched TV except for sports. I opted to go with Sling and their sports package. I pay less than 50 a month and will cancel after the playoffs. They have SEC+ and ESPN+ and that’s what I wanted.


  18. biggity ben

    Is every SEC team having to take a streaming game per season a result of CBS no longer having two SEC games per week?


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