Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back!

Get your translators ready, it looks like Ed Orgeron is coming back to an SEC press conference near you.

New Orleans Saints defensive line coach Ed Orgeron is expected to join LSU’s staff as its highest paid assistant coach with the title of associate head coach along with recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach.

Reportedly set to earn something in the neighborhood of $600K – hell, how much was he paid as Ole Miss’ head coach? – Orgeron looks like he’ll be icing on the cake from a recruiting standpoint, as LSU is headed towards another top five class in ’09 anyway.

I presume part of the reason that the deal is so rich is because Lane Kiffin was offering to throw that kind of money at Orgeron to get him to come to Tennessee.  So you can probably add Les Miles to Kiffin’s growing list of people to get even with.



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3 responses to “Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back!

  1. Joe

    Interesting. Seems that Miles has clearly jumped the shark at this point. He already has the state of Louisiana locked down for the forseeable future and now he faces the possibility of those within his ranks seeking to undermine him.

    It took a little longer than many of us predicted, but Miles finally has the LSU program on a Hallman/DiNardo path again.


  2. Dawg93

    Joe – how so? If anything I see his program only strengthening with the addition of Chavis as DC and Orgeron as DL coach and recruiting coord.

    You can bet their defense will be much better next year and now that they’ve found their QB (Jefferson), I think they’ll be very good again next year. SEC West looks like it’ll be a great battle between LSU, Bama and Ole Miss next year. Arkansas will be a dark-horse contender with Mallett as QB and Petrino in his 2nd yr. MSU and Auburn will struggle.


  3. Ally

    Let me get this straight, Orgeron will now be working under Chavis at LSU? Wow.

    Either way, that’s a pretty impressive way to solve the problem of 1 down year on defense.

    Color me envious.