Coaches’ comedy corner

One thing I like about the college game over the NFL is that there’s a little more room for college coaches to be colorful than their professional cohorts enjoy.

Take Iowa defensive coordinator Norm Parker, who will be mixing it up with Steve Spurrier at the Outback Bowl.  You’ve gotta like a guy who describes his position this way:  “The only thing I do as defensive coordinator is decide when the meetings start and decide when we take a leak.”

Speaking of the OBC, South Carolina receiver Moe Brown may have come up with his epitaph.

“He’s one of the funniest guys you’ll ever talk to,” receiver Moe Brown said, “as long as he’s not talking about you.”

And then there’s the king.

As’s Bruce Feldman puts it: “(Mike) Leach could make Steve Spurrier sound like Jim Tressel.”

The two Cotton Bowl stories Leach told at the coaches presser for the bowl game are hilarious.

… Leach talked about the time when he was an assistant coach at Oklahoma and the Sooners were playing Texas, as always, at Cotton Bowl stadium.

“So we’re coming down the tunnel surrounded by Oklahoma fans and I look over and see Barry Switzer standing with President Gerald Ford and Darrell Royal, and I hear an Oklahoma fan holler, ‘Hey, who are those two guys standing over there with Swtizer?’ ”

Unique background

That’s not all.

Leach said he left a dummy play script lying on the field before the game in hopes that a Texas player and coach would stumble across it and think they had Oklahoma’s offensive game plan.

Leach said he didn’t know for sure whether Texas took the bait, but he does know that on the game’s second play, Oklahoma caught the Texas defense by surprise and hit a long pass to a freshman receiver (Antone Savage) who was all alone.

“Antone gets so excited about scoring a touchdown that he spikes the ball on the 2-yard line,” Leach said. “The official is so excited, he doesn’t even notice that Antone hasn’t crossed the goal line and he signals touchdown. To this day that touchdown has never even been close to getting scored.”

Yar, baby.


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