Friday morning buffet

Mmm, mmm good.

  • Paul’s got an early look at how the Dawgs shape up for TV in 2009.  And it’s good to know that there won’t be any night games for the WLOCP for the next fifteen years.  I love tailgating as much as anyone, but there’s a limit…
  • David Hale’s post on which Dawgs have impressed their teammates the most this spring is worth a read.
  • If you wonder what it is about the  GPOOE™’s delivery that has Mel Kiper’s panties in a wad, here you go.
  • Who’d have ever thought we’d see this(h/t The Wiz of Odds)
  • Michael Carvell, right on.
  • Junior’s a twit who twits.  He’s not a twit for twitting.  He’s a twit for twitting because he read that Mark Richt was twitting.

Kiffin said Thursday that he started a Twitter account because he read Richt uses it. Other schools have a general Twitter account, like “VanderbiltFB.”

“It’s one of those things where you don’t want anybody else doing anything that you’re not,” Kiffin said. “I was reading that Coach Richt had started it and had one, so we wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything that could possibly be a benefit that we weren’t doing. It’s another method of getting out there and letting our fan base or recruits know what we’re doing.”


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7 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. G.O.B.

    Is there some sort of jibe nestled in there? “Well, if Coach *Richt* is doing it already, then I must be *way* behind the times . . . “


  2. Turd Ferguson

    At this point, I’m gonna need conclusive, scientific proof that Lane Kiffin is not, in fact, a 12-year-old boy who made a magical wish to be “big” at a county fair … and woke up the next morning as a head football coach.


  3. The Realist

    Look at Kiffykins’s life so far…

    Son of football defensive coaching legend.
    Married to Layla.
    Got what was a premier head coaching gig in the premier conference of college football after a failed gig (and by failed, I’m talking Willingham’d) in the NFL and a public cat fight with a senile owner.

    He’s living his own personal fairy tale.


    • JasonC

      It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George talks about there being a Kramer Fantasy Camp, “never worked a day in his, fell @ss-backwards into money and women, have sex without being in a relationship and mooch food of his friends.”


  4. HamDawg11

    Turd Ferguson, that just cracks me up!


  5. MacAttack

    Anyone who loses to Kiffin will probably hear him refer to it all the rest of the year and off-season

    I get the impression he will be one of those incredibly annoying passive aggressive coaches that openly mocks teams who he beats yet claims he doesn’t get why people would think he is mocking them…when it is obvious he is


  6. kckd

    Check out this Tech fan’s response on the Burnette graduation story:

    Tech Fan

    April 17th, 2009
    6:39 am
    Coach Richt should follow through on his word.I agree with the article and the 1st two comments.
    Since the violation is really not punitive, follow through on your word. CMR should make the stand.
    Slavery for example, was legal at one time in this country and was even approved by the Supreme Court of the day. But somebody stood up in that time and changed it for all the right reasons.
    Stand up Coach.

    Ya gotta love the gnats. They turn it into a deal where Richt is conveniently using the NCAA not to follow through on a promise and compare it to slavery.