Tuesday morning buffet

It’s all there.  Grab a plate and load up.


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  1. The Realist

    I heart Delaware State. Instead of an easy win toward what could be a playoff run, they forfeit against one of the worst teams in the conference to play Michigan. If they pull an Appy State, this will be the best decision ever made by a college administrator. If they even keep it reasonably close, it will bring more media attention than Delaware State has gotten in a loooong time, just because it is against Michigan. And that’s on top of the money they’ll get for playing.


  2. 69Dawg

    I think Finebaum is right on. I also think the fans don’t care. As long as the cut-throat coaches can win they will be left to run their kingdoms. I would guess than Pope Urban will never leave the Gayturds because they will never ever interfere with him, er as long as he wins MNC (see the Ball Coach). Let CUM or CNS start to not win SECC and MNC and the fans will turn on them and rip them to shreds. Say what you will but CUM knows Notre Dame would not let him have the same absolute control that he has at UF and the man is a control freak.


    • Ben


      Finebaum is annoying, but living in Mobile I hear him give it to both Tiders and the Weagles. It’s great to hear him turn on a dime like the time he asked a woman how she could say Saban was a great man simply because he acknowledged her presence.

      Maybe I’m just sentimental, but I’ll take what we’ve got over Meyer or Saban any day. Yeah, it’d be nice to have some crystal footballs in Butts-Mehre but at what cost? If the coaches reflect the team and the fans I’d rather have Richt as our reflection than either of those ego-maniacs that Finebaum mentions.


    • Left to Right

      I agree. The point Finebaum is attempting to make is that Myer and Saban are mercenary coaches. They are not at Florida and Bama because of some deep love for the school or program or because they want to build any sort of legacy at the schools (despite what they say on the booster club circuit). No, they were hired to do a job, and for both the coaches and the schools it is nothing more.


    • I get the points about the egos, the power, the mercenary aspect of the hirings, etc. But “corruption” implies something else to me. What’s Finebaum referring to?


      • Dog in Fla

        A. He has no idea;

        B. Mobile’s Tee Martin to Tennessee type of corruption;

        C. Opened up book of quotes to “A” and this was first quote that he saw;

        D. None of the above.


  3. Richt-Flair

    Underwhelming non-conference slate in 2010 is good, IMO. Last two years have been a little … more competitive … than our rivals’ non-conference slate


    • You wouldn’t be referring to that tough slate that our neighbors in Gainesville face this year, now would ya? But hey, Tennessee played Wyoming at home last year and that turned out to be a tough one, so ya never know…


  4. Wow, I was completely off on the Georgia work-out warrior. I just assumed it was Rennie Curran. Good job, Jeff.


  5. HamDawg11

    Richt-Flair….that still cracks me up!!