Friday morning buffet

I took off my Florida Gators cap before I posted this.

  • Speaking of the Gators, it sounds like they’ve had a rough camp.
  • Mike Bobo is staying on the field this season.
  • How do you write an article about ESPN hyping certain teams for the BCS without a single mention of Herbstreit?
  • In case you were worried, Orrin Hatch vows to keep fighting the good fight with the BCS.
  • This is not a drill:  everybody out of the Whitney Hotel.
  • Spurrier gets his groove back about Tennessee:  “We’re not going to bail out from playing North Carolina the way Tennessee did.”
  • My Georgia preview, in the form of a Q&A at The ACC and SEC Blog, is here.
  • Phil Steele breaks down every D-1 program by experience on the two deep, and the results are interesting.  He rates Auburn as having the most experienced team in the SEC, and Vandy LSU as the least.  But Florida and Alabama show up as pretty green, too.
  • “It was like a business under (Kiffin),” said UT’s senior fullback. “It was run like the NFL.” That was meant as criticism.


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12 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Senator, nobody in the state of Montana knows that Herbstreit flip-flopped on conference champions being the only teams fit to play for a BCS Championship.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    And, uh-oh… Spurrier’s talking smack again? That means he thinks he has a team this year, folks…


  3. The Realist

    LSU is the youngest team in the country? If Mr. Hat doesn’t make it past the next two years, someone will inherent a lot of experienced talent.


  4. The Realist

    From a link on a link:

    “If you had a face of the program, he’s one of the faces,” coach Urban Meyer said.

    Is that a nice way of saying he’s not really that important… without saying nobody would know him if he wore a name tag?


  5. Dog in Fla

    The State reports that Spurrier orders an all hands on deck emergency evac of the Hotel Whitney in downtown Bogota yesterday.

    The evacuation order came after Spurrier invited the NCAA to poke on everything that it thought could be had for less than retail. Much to Steve’s surprise, he found they actually did so despite the preemptive attack on John Blake.

    As a result, Steve hires as media consultant Lil Wayne (who previously cut ties with Lane when Lane went to LA because of problems Lil Wayne had with a hotel in that jurisdiction) on how they should handle player press conferences about life at the Hotel Whitney after the one big last poke occurs.

    Here is Lil Wayne’s training film for the troopers:


  6. Ward Eagle

    Re: Experience, Auburn…

    I’m pretty sure their experience includes losses to UGA, SPUAT, Arkansas, LSU, and Kentucky.


  7. Ben

    Has it ever been suggested that Meyer just might be a sociopath? At least Spurrier has some zingers to throw in every now and then when he’s telling people they’re not worth anything.


  8. JaxDawg

    It’s the little things that make the difference and having Bobo on the field this year is one of them.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    I suppose Bobo on the sideline is good news. I’d be even happier if he handed out water with Katharyn Richt, which would probably be his career if not for young 5 kids.


    • Ben

      Maybe I’m just being dense, but I still don’t get the Bobo hate. I guess with Martinez gone many Dawgs fans have to find someone to hate, but I’m just not getting the wailing and gnashing of teeth that’s happening over Bobo.


      • Dog in Fla

        “the Bobo hate….wailing…gnashing”

        Is it because (1) we need to be first, not tied for first with somebody like CBMFP so tying Arkansas for first in SEC points per game scored in 2009 is not enough and (2) he does not know how to call a ground game?