Friday morning buffet

Fill up, while we wait to see if the Green appeal gets postponed again.

  • Florida-Tennessee is my #1 meteor game and forever will be, but this is almost enough to get me to root for Florida.  I said almost.
  • Georgia ranks first in the SEC in fewest penalty yardage with an average of 27.5 yards per game.  I told you that stat doesn’t mean much.
  • Along with everything else on their plate, Georgia’s coaches try to figure out how to involve the tight ends more in the offense.
  • Chris Low moves up a couple of notches in my book with a Lewis Grizzard reference.
  • If Florida’s arrest record were a member of the media, it would be so banished to Seat 37F.
  • There was a big summit on agent issues in college football this week.  Too bad they have no clue about how to deal with this problem.
  • Georgia has its fair share of players in the NFL.
  • Paul hints at something in this post that I’ve wondered about:  how much does Georgia Tech miss Giff Smith?


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39 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Re Casey Clausen: remember the year we beat UT 18-10 without him & he said it would have been worth 2 TD’s if he had been playing? Nice cocky comment.

    Re NFL players: Cal on the list? Very interesting.

    Question: Meteor Game: you hope both lose/burn out? Is it in the Lexicon?


  2. Cynical in Athens

    “He’s angry and disappointed that the whole thing happened,” Meyer said. “We’ve got to move on.”

    I wonder how the girl and her family feel? It sure is nice that Chris is still “angry.” Maybe CUM could have chosen a better adjective, no?


    • NCT

      The girl and her family? You’re kidding, right? Clearly, the girl is a low-down bitch, and her number’s been passed around so everyone can point it out to her. I’m sure someone has the parents’ number by now, too.


    • Successful programs seem to attract high levels of stupid (or maybe more correctly “entitled”) players. 30 arrests is unacceptable, but I’d guess most program’s fans would trade that for Florida’s past 5 years in a heartbeat. Welcome to modern college football.


    • ConnGator

      I cannot say it better than this comment from OGGOA:

      Incredibly, as bad as that record is, it still pales in comparison to UGA’s player arrest record during the same time frame… with 13 fewer arrests than the Dawgs. UGA has had 43 arrests since 2005, and contrary to their fans’ contentions that they’re all minor alcohol-related arrests, quite a few have been quite serious; with numerous assault and/or battery cases.

      Also interesting to note that 1 offense for which Meyer rarely, if ever, gives second chances is actual physical violence against women. I’m pretty sure he has kicked players off the team every time that’s happened, even in first-offense cases. Richt hasn’t done the same. Montez Robinson piled up 3 arrests for offenses against his girlfriend, 2 of them assault/domestic violence, and 1 vandalizing her car, before Richt finally kicked him off the team.


      • Dog in Fla

        When he’s not thinking about how to fix the SEC officiating crews (which would be by making them be able to call a game so that it doesn’t look like it’s fixed), the thing Mike Slive is trying to figure out is how come Nick, and every other SEC head football coach, do not have the same player arrest problems that Irwin and Mark do.


      • Cynical in Athens

        Apples and oranges….but you already know that, and will deny it in your heart anyway, so no need to explain the differences in “emerging from alleys” and toting an AK-47 around in the trunk….


      • dudetheplayer

        If “quite a few” = Michael Lemon and Montez Robinson… then yeah, you’re dead on.

        Let’s get in a pissing match over who has the more rogue program!


        • Dog in Fla

          “Let’s get in a pissing match over who has the more rogue program!”


          When there’s nothing on the horizon, you’ve got nothing left to prove.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Already the effects of Saint Tebow are being felt across Gatorland.


  4. Brandon

    I live 45 miles from the Florida line so UF is always numero uno on my want to win against list. However when UF and UT play each other its more complicated for me. For those of you who don’t deal with Florida fans regularly except on the internet understand this: Florida fans could not possibly become more cocky and it takes far more than an early season loss to Tennessee to cause any appreciable diminishment in their arrogance (after all bouncing back from the loss and winning out is almost a given to the average Florida fan and so they don’t get terribly upset about it except that they may be a little irritated at the big urnge folks the way a fly my irritate you at a picknick, in any event that does me the UGA fan no good. Tennessee fans are far less emotionally stable hence the potential for schaudenfreude is much higher if UF demolishes UT. UT fans are also likely to have an extreme rise in their level of cocksuredness if they beat Florida. So when all things are equal (neither is appreciably more likely to win the division over UGA than the other) I usually pull for Florida. In a case like this year when Florida is clearly better and Tennessee likely stands little to no chance of winning the division irrespective of what happens in this game then I’ll probably pull for Tennessee. But its always a GTD (Game Time Decision) for me. These same principles would apply if Florida and GT ever met, THAT would be the ultimate meteor game.


  5. Mike

    I have my jorts and my mullet all packed and ready to go to Knoxville today. Good to know that the Senator can *almost* root for Florida


  6. Sparrow

    Am I the only one who finds the fact that we are still “try[ing] to figure out” how to get the ball to Orson & Company completely frustrating/perplexing? We’re running off a playbook that had demonstrably included plenty of successful TE plays. What’s the mystery?

    This was one of the two things (along with the lack of run blocking) that was killing me during the USC game. I know there were a few drops, but particularly by the second half that shouldn’t have been enough to keep trying.


    • Macallanlover

      Was just thinking the same thing. After all the talk about the great talent and depth we have at TE, they have been invisible thus far. I thought we did that deliberately in Game 1 to set up the SC game, but apparently there is an even more secret plan for this stealth position. Do you think Bobo just has “tunnel vision” and cannot recall the entire playbook when selecting plays? We seem to get stuck in “ruts” and rarely display a wide arsenal of plays/looks.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Well, there’s the issue of figuring out a way to get Orson to *catch* the football when you get it there…

      … OK, I’m over it.


  7. Scott W.

    All the time that would have been spent on involving the TE was dedicated to the WildDog. Time well spent I say.


  8. Regarding penalties I did an extensive statistical study and found that over the course of a season they made no difference to actual success. In fact, more penalized teams tended to win MORE often on average. The best relationship I could find was teams that had high passing yardage tended to have more penalties (the Navy’s of the world had few penalties).


    • D.N. Nation

      Yeah, we know. Teams like Florida and USC have been penalized a lot, teams like Duke haven’t.

      The thing about Georgia’s penalties, though, were how batsh*t crummy they were- kicking the ball out of bounds on kickoffs, blatant late hits after giving up big yardage, etc.


    • Matt Hinton, at his old website, came to the exact same conclusion.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I don’t believe adding more penalties to our current list of problems would help. Right now, I’ll take any improvement over last year I can get.


    • BMan

      Interestingly, I heard on the radio this morning (so it must be true) that Alabama had gone 42 straight quarters without a holding penalty until a sophomore got one in their last game (for which he was lit up by the coaching staff).


  9. Gen. Stoopnagle

    I was happy to see Holly take time out of hate week to put us in our place.

    Seriously, Tennessee is really in no position being more than ten years removed from a conference title and emerging as a stepping stone to Southern Cal to be looking down their noses at anybody.

    In that thread I asked for a “natural disaster,” and someone pointed out my wish will be granted since Mike Hamilton will be there. That was pretty funny I thought.

    Chris Low is very good for an ESPN writer.


  10. Will Trane

    It is good to see the R&B, AJC, and etc., finally start looking at the facts why this program is barely above Vandy. First in fewest penalties and last in first downs in the SEC [but that is one game]. What it says is SC and Ellis Johnson have a good defense; a good DC once again takes Mike Bobo to the wood shed; we always start a season with suspended players; they came out of spring with no QB fully progessed even though he has been there two years. And now it takes a fall camp and two games to start getting there.

    We all understand the D can get off the field in 3. If they do and your O does the same does that mean your scoreboard is set at 0-0. Apparently that was the game plan going into SC.

    Both Richt & Bobo said they are going to open more of the play book to Murray this week. As we have said for the past few days what in the hell was the game plan going into SC. Murray was a one man show at SC. When Greene went to UT and drove the Dawgs down the field were the TEs & FBs in play. Where were they at SC? We get inside the 25 what was the play calling. We drop a pass and it is shut down. We have a good outside run by Ealey and it is shut down.

    Murry is the key and not Green to the success of this team. Look back to how Stafford was used at Auburn on the road. We wonder if SOS would think if that was an inside zone rush.

    So now comes the ranked team out of the West that can not only move the ball but can score from any place in the “100 yd zone”, an improved D, veteran players who have the will to be a champion, a leader, and an OC. So now we are going to open up the play book. We await those sets.

    Is that what they did [open the play book] against Boise State in Shockley’s first game? In those games who was the OC?

    Since this program came back from ASU and got kicked by Bama, something has gone missing between the hedges.

    One thing is to hit, hit often, and to keep hitting.
    Another is for the OC to wake up, get his head and players in the game to hit and stop trying to get praise from the ESPN guys for some stupid, brillant cute call (like that wild cat formation). Those plays should have been run with black headgear.

    Going to MSU 0-2 against Jeff Mullen, the spread, and an up and coming program will be daunting.

    This season like last we ask how much longer will CMR stay with his OC and RB coach?

    Another point somewhere the coaches and CMR have to understand is that suspended players limit your play book, demoralize the rest of the team, and lets the NCAA decide your fate. We thought we were smarter than that. Recruit players who want to play and to hit.


  11. 69Dawg

    We need an exorcism to get Bobo’s evil twin brother out of the OC job. We have maybe 10 plays when we start the game and as one fails we eliminate it. By the second half we are down to 3 plays. If Bobo can’t remember who’s in the game how do you expect him to remember a bunch of plays.

    Having grown up with Vince and Munson I’m usually quite the pessimist but this week I’m just lower than whale shat. Even if the D steps it up against this O they could still score 21+ and I’m not sure our O can score a TD much less more than 21. This year has shaped up to be like one long wisdom tooth extraction.


  12. shane#1

    HogBody, I remember that comment, and I also remember Thomas Davis knocking Clausen out of the game the next season. Thomas was always a man of few words so his only comment on the Clausen hit was “I read the papers too”. Quiet people are usualy the last people you would want to piss off.


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