Friday morning buffet

Bowl season is almost upon us, so dig in.


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6 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Puffdawg


    The Hartman Fund point threshold to be eligible to even order WLOCP tix is going from 10,000 last year to 5,000 in 2011. Not saying you or Groo are wrong, but thatmight suggest a move in the other direction or no move at the bare minimum. UGA had to resend order forms after the 10k threshold didn’t eat up all of their tix, so people under 10k wound up getting tix last year. That said, I fully anticipate an increase because they know the game will still sell out. It might just be different people buying the tix. UGA has a habit of bending over Hartman Fund contributors.


  2. Toom

    Mediocrity in GA that’s for sure.
    Tech’s wins: South Carolina State, Wake Forest, Virginia, Middle Tennessee State and Duke
    Georgia’s wins: LL, UT, Vandy, Kentucky, Idaho St, GT

    Not much difference there. As Richt has said, the most positive thing about the season that you can say is the games we lost were usually close.


  3. Chuck

    Georgia Tech’s motto should be “one of the three in “3-9 Kansas.”

    Sometimes schadenfreude is all we can use to cope with our own issues, but I’ll take it.


  4. 69Dawg

    If UGA raises the ticket prices this year they will see the first year in a long time without selling out. Last year your cumulative to buy new season tickets was $1,500 down from 10,000 for 2008. I project that if you want season tickets this year you can pay the minimum and get them.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Doesn’t seem to be very many recruits to choose from when it comes to nose tackle. Also seems we’ve staked the entire D around this position. I like CTG, and sure hope he has a backup plan if we don’t get the 330+ lb JUCO kid, Jenkins.