If you’re wondering how many recruiting slots Georgia has to fill…

that number just got bigger.

Georgia quarterback-turned-wide receiver Logan Gray plans to transfer to another school for his final season of football eligibility after graduating from UGA in May.

According to UGA, Gray told coach Mark Richt that he wants to play his senior season at a school closer to his Columbia, Mo., home while pursuing a master’s degree. Gray will complete his bachelor’s degree in speech communication at Georgia this semester.

It’s looking a little thin at the receiver spot this season.


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40 responses to “If you’re wondering how many recruiting slots Georgia has to fill…

  1. Keese

    Nah Bennett King Brown Wooten Charles in split TE troupe and of course these guys like Mitchell Seay Wesley etc…not real thin

  2. Irishdawg

    Shit. I always liked the kid and had hoped he was just going to be a late bloomer.

  3. The Watergirl

    He was a DGD, but Richt only used him as a fair catcher when he should have been using his talents to do more!!! Good luck to him and hopefully one more scholly will be good

    • hayduke

      Yeah… can’t help but feel bad for this kid. It does seem like he was seriously underutilized by the coaching staff. DGD for sure.

      • Go Dawgs!

        I’m still in Richt’s camp, but it’s hard not to call Gray a casualty of Richt’s play-not-to-lose mentality. If Georgia was more interested in playing-to-win, perhaps we could have actually seen the team set up some returns for the kid, and maybe he’d still be interested in playing at Georgia.

        • Will

          Hell, I’m still mad we never got to see the Greyhound in action in 2009, as an alternative to Cox; instead, we got the predictable QB draw with him a couple of times, instead of any real attempt at option work a la what DJ did a bit. Would have been great to see him get in there a little more often. I realize Richt’s hands were tied by late season with the losses, but he could have given him some time in early games (possibly even in the OkSt. game with Cox sick). Shame, shame.

  4. Andy

    So we lose Green, Durham, and Gray, and gain Scott-Wesley, Conley, Seay, and possibly Mitchell if we want him at WR. And we can always play Charles in the slot. Numbers wise, I think we will be fine. I am more worried about T. King and Marlon Brown stepping up.

    • hailtogeorgia

      Not to mention a guy like Michael Bennett who didn’t play last year. Wooten should see more time (his dropoff confused me), Branden Smith may see more time…we should be alright at receiver. I mean, losing A.J. is huge (and we saw how we did without him), but hopefully a year later we’ll be alright. Time to step up, Marlon.

    • heyberto

      With Aaron in his second year at QB, I’m hopeful he’ll be better able to find receivers and that our O-line will be stronger giving him more time. Not to mention that they will hopefully be able to actually open up some holes for the RB’s. While King and Ealey had a rough year, I think the strength issue compounded the problems we had at RB. Those two could be back to serviceable form, which can only help the passing game.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        My son shot me a text while on the bus with Branden Smith yesterday. He overheard him and another ball player complaining about how tired and sore they were. Looks like they are getting after the S/C.

  5. Spike

    Good luck to him. He seems like a good kid, played hard when he was in the game, and got his degree. Too bad it did not work out better for him.

  6. Normaltown Mike

    So I guess this means the Offense will be throwing away the “Gray Hound” section of the playbook.

    • Go Dawgs!

      It’s just one page. Zone read, handoff, up the middle. Zone read, keep, left. Zone read, keep, right. Punt.

  7. Sandfly, GA

    Lonnie Outlaw is still out there, right? Anyone heard how he has been doing at GMC?

    • Will (the other one)

      I think he was a “wait 2 years” player, so we can’t have him until signing day 2012.

  8. heyberto

    Well.. special teams just got less predictable on punt returns.

    But seriously, best to Logan.. couldn’t have been easy to be him the past couple of years. DGD.

  9. MenloDawg

    I’m worried more about production out of the WR position than talent. We lost our best OL, our OL coach, and our best player on offense is Murray. He’s got some unproven skill guys around him. Troupe, Brown, and Wooten haven’t done much to date. That’s a little unfair to Brown and Wooten, but not to Troupe. I have no idea what to expect out of Bennett. Hopefully Mitchell and Conley can step up. Passing game could be interesting the first couple games.

  10. MenloDawg

    I’m worried more about production out of the WR position than bodies. We lost our best OL, our OL coach, and our running game wasn’t reliable before. Murray is the best player on offense, but he’s got some unproven WRs around him. Troupe, Brown, and Wooten haven’t done much to date. That’s a little unfair to Brown and Wooten, but not to Troupe. I have no idea what to expect out of Bennett. Hopefully Mitchell and Conley can step up. Passing game could be interesting against Boise and SC.

  11. Ben

    Word on the proverbial street is that Roberson just decommitted from Auburn after committing yesterday. Coincidence that Logan is leaving??

    • MenloDawg

      Word on the street is Roberson to UF, fwiw

      • Tenn_Dawg

        What is the word on the street with Antonio Richardson? Vols seem to think he was a silent verbal on Monday with Cameron Clear. It would be nice to get him.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Rivals is reporting that Antonio Richardson is announcing at 9am CST – 10am Eastern . . .so we’ll all hang on. I think Bernie is right- a 50/50 chance with him putting on the red and black. I hope Ray is on the phone/facebook/twitter with him.

  12. The Sternkid

    Oh, no! Who ever will wave for fair catches and instill fear in SEC defenses by running the 2-feet-and-knocked-over-by-feather Grayhound?

    Sorry, kid. I was cheering you on, but you were out skilled at every turn. I hope you find success wherever is next.

  13. AlphaDawg

    The cynic in me says “We loss AJ and our Fair Catch specialist in the same year, what will we do next year?”

    On a serious note: I hope he gets a chance to play wherever he goes, I heard he was one of the best overall athletes on the team.

  14. Macallanlover

    I liked Logan Gray and wish him well. I don’t understand the criticism of the staff over him, he had his chance in 2009 and couldn’t move past Joe Cox. Perhaps a bad evaluation, but all programs have those, but he had a fair chance and didn’t show too well when the opportunity was given to him. Classy to announce this so we could offer another scholly, although it is razor thin. Something going on there with another school, or as some said, maybe a good sign for us with another recruit. Either way, good luck Logan! You hung with us this season when we needed an experienced back-up and you never caused a problem supporting the Red and Black.

  15. Jack

    Only if you don’t count tight ends.

  16. OldDawg55

    Gray was a good football player who allowed us to try other, less experienced player knowing he was there for us. Let’s not forget the “package” from Missouri..we still have Aron White. We’ll do well with Murray a more experienced, seasoned QB, a slew of WRs who can catch the ball..altho’ no work against SEC defenses…and a rising group of OLs who can protect Murray. Running backs who are older, hopefully wiser and a great group of incoming players. Also, good backups at QB, just in case. I’m looking forward to 2011…Go Dawgs, GATA!!!!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      OD55, I cannot shake the felling that Logan Gray was a diamond in the rough who never got polished and whose talent has been wasted. A tremendous athlete who was played out of position (he is not a QB–that came, I am certain, from his HS coach making him QB because he was the best athlete on the team) he never got a real shot to show what he could do. His real mistake was not transferring last year. I wish him only the best. If he plays WR at a school in Missouri, is a success and then makes it onto an NFL roster some folks are going to have egg all over their faces. Anyone remember Terrell Davis?

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I remember him.
        Terrell was a transfer from Long Beach State where he was a red shirt and had 55 rushes the following season. LBS folded the program leaving TD looking for a school to play for. He was a backup to Garrison Hearst and didn’t get many reps till he graduated. He ran for 850 yards his jr season and “tore” his hammy the “beginning” of his senior season (Tennessee game same fate as R Edwards/ankle). Lost playing in 4 games. Goff mishandled his rehab . Still he rushed for over 120 yards his final two games. Goff mishandle his game films ignoring Denver’s request. Went late in draft. Injured early when he got to Denver. Orlandis Gary was the next Georgia RB to play for Denver. One of two players(Wiggins) CJD brought with him to Georgia that made it to the NFL. DGD! But I don’t think he and Logan are similar stories.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          AHD, you omitted that Davis was MVP in the Super Bowl. The real reason for his limited playing time (and I suspect the “mishandling” of his game films being sent to Denver) was that Goff didn’t like him and consequently wouldn’t play him.

  17. sUGArdaddy

    We’ve got to move Branden Smith to offense. There’s just no reason to keep that kid on defense. He can be a difference maker on offense.

  18. Marmot

    Just so you know, this is what “making space” on the roster for incoming recruits looks like. Welcome to oversigning.

    • Russ

      Yeah, it’s tough leaving school with a degree and transferring so you can pursue a masters degree somewhere else.

    • Dog in Fla

      When we do it, it’s not oversigning. It’s done to prevent oversigning. The correct nomenclature is that it is a waiver for graduate education elsewhere. Our team of physicians recommended to Logan that he graduate next time around. Mark had no input, of course.

      • Texas_Dawg

        Yuk, yuk, yuk.

        The funny thing about this sarcasm of yours is that Georgia doesn’t do this, while it is exactly what Saban has claimed in defense of his roster purges.

        Logan Gray is graduating in May. He’s not being pressured to go to North Alabama Tech or forced to quit the team b/c of bogus medical DQs.

    • Texas_Dawg

      That’s cute.

      Senator Blutarsky no doubt agrees with you as he hates looking beyond the surface level of such Bama spin, but Logan Gray is graduating in May.

      Let us know when that lands Georgia in not one but two embarrassing articles by major publications like the Wall Street Journal.

    • JoeE

      If Logan Gray was at risk of getting cut to make room for new recruits, it would’ve been done last year when it was clear he wasn’t going to work out at QB. Instead, per his wishes, the coaches made room for him at WR.

      Sounds like a clear-cut case of oversigning, though.

  19. shane#1

    I usually find out a year too late that I have been worying about the wrong things, like a redshirt freshman at QB, when I should have been worrying about a veteran O line and two veteran backs. I think I’ll worry about LBs this summer instead of WRs. They will probably play lights out and the LBS will suddenly forget how to tackle.

  20. Starfs Mill Asst

    Why not go after Jeff Greene with one of the last spots? Pretty sure he would commit on the spot.