Sometimes, it’s about the threads, dude.

Oregon, in case you haven’t noticed, is tearing it up on the recruiting trail this season.  Tom Lemming clues us in about why:

… Oregon mainly took advantage of the appearance in the national title game, and the multiple uniforms. A lot of the kids love the multiple uniforms. The Nike association is really helping them recruiting wise.

That certainly explains the Black Mamba’s last-minute wavering.

This is what BLUE looks like. (photo via Louis Lopez/CSM)

My retinas are still burning.


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3 responses to “Sometimes, it’s about the threads, dude.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Even Kiffie can’t compete with multiple uniforms. Time for the staff to rip their shirts off and start yelling.


  2. Irishdawg

    Oregon is a fine program and it probably has the best facilities in football, but I just can’t believe recruits are swayed by those unis. The Ducks had maybe 2 combinations that didn’t give me a mild case of vertigo this year. The cheerleaders, however, now that’s a recruiting pitch if I ever saw one.


    • gastr1

      I can believe it. I can also believe that UGA’s success this year is more than a little bit influenced by the newly-finished facilities.

      Ask any 18-year-old what impressed them about the college they chose. Once you get past the first line about the stuff their parents cared about, the vast majority are going to cite rather, let’s say, less than the most mature considerations.