In this case, I don’t think the “Double Cross” is a pass pattern.

This promises to get the blogosphere a-twitter this summer.

Scottsdale Book Publishing today announced the June release of “Double T – Double Cross,” the unauthorized, behind the scenes book of the unfair termination of Mike Leach as head coach for the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team. “Double T — Double Cross” looks inside academia politics and exposes the true events that led to one of America’s harshest accusations in sporting history. “Double T – Double Cross” examines the facts and includes exclusive interviews, court documents and paperwork that will leave readers shocked.

Honestly, I don’t think anything in that book related to Craig James would shock me.  Unless that’s meant in the Captain Renault sense of the word.


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  1. 3rd Degree

    ““Double T – Double Cross” will: Expose the deception that Texas Tech employed to mask the controversial firing of Mike Leach, one of America’s greatest college football coaches of all time.”

    Seriously, I doubt Leach cracks the top 80 coaches of all time. In any case, I hope the entire book is written in the same dramatic and overly embellished tone. Its gonna make for some great summer reading.


    • I’m hoping the author(s) spoke with people who had some serious axes to grind.


    • Derek

      I’ll never understand the idea that Leach is a “great” coach. If he’s great so was Jerry Glanville. The thing that both of the guys can do is take bad teams and turn them mediocre. Not that this is a undervalued skill, but its simply about attitude and a gimmicky offensive scheme, not championships. If you are 1-10 and want to win 8, Leach or someone like him may be your guy, but once you get there cut him loose (perhaps by any means necessary) because your not bringing hardware home with the guy. TT has a better coach now. If TT has any chance of winning the Big 12 South, and they may not, they have a better chance with Tubs than Leach.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Agreed that Leach is not “one of America’s greatest college football coaches of all time.” He is, however, the greatest football coach, by record in terms of games won by that university, in the history of Texas Tech. Texas Tech is probably in better hands with Tubby in the long run, however. That assumes, of course, that Tubby does not jump ship and return to the SEC (or some other more desirable situation) at his first opportunity.


  2. Macallanlover

    I wouldn’t consider Leach among “the greats of all time”, but it is fair to say he was damned entertaining and put a solid product on the field. Among the top 20 of the past decade wouldn’t be a stretch. This guy wasn’t working with the first cut of talent but struck fear in the coaches who were.

    Regardless of how he is ranked, I sure hope his legal team has done their homework and nails James, the WWL, and the corrupt TT administrators who tried to rob the man of money he was owed. It would be a good education for those students to see that crime doesn’t. or shouldn’t, pay.


  3. Shane#1

    I hope Leach sues for big bucks and wins. New Buffet song.”The Pirate Looks at 4o……..Million”.


  4. sUGArdaddy

    I just find it hard to pull for him. He’s a jerk. He’s got a Bobby Knight personality with the press. Was/Is he entertaining? Probably. Great mind for the passing game. But I just can’t pull for a jerk.


  5. Chef4u

    I smell best seller. I can’t wait for the screen play to come out. There is nothing better than seeing a bunch of washed up politicians getting the axe! Like Mike Leach or not, there are indisputable facts that Texas Tech really screwed up in their procedures in the firing of Leach. They violated their own accreditation standards by allowing outside entities to influence the decisions on running the football program.
    This is off the topic, but I heard a rumor that Texas Tech is right in the middle of the nuclear waste dump in west texas scandal. the school is being used as a store front to funnel millions in to the pockets of the investors. They have several research programs that could benefit from the study of the effects of low level nuclear waste on the surrounding environment and its people. Tech needs research grants to aquire tier one status, and this is about as low as you can go to get it.