Wednesday morning buffet

A few tasty morsels out there for your dining pleasure:

  • Kristi Dosh breaks down the amounts contributed by boosters to SEC schools.  The weird story is Mississippi State, which took in no booster money during the 2009-10 school year because it didn’t need it.  Seriously.
  • While we’re on the subject of money, here’s an exhaustive – and I do mean exhaustive – breakdown of the last few years’ operational budgets for ACC schools from the fine Clemson blog Shakin the Southland.  I mention it because they’re promising to give the same treatment to Georgia’s in the near future.
  • Pete Fiutak’s taken it upon himself to write Mark Richt’s Georgia obituary“The Coaching Change Will Come … At the end of the year. This 2011 Bulldogs aren’t good enough to make the huge splash needed. Only 51, Richt will have his choice of mid-level head coaching jobs and can call his shot if he wants to be an assistant.”
  • Conspiracy theory in Knoxville.
  • It seems to me if officiating is as difficult as this article indicates, there’s even less reason to believe the new NCAA taunting rule is a good idea.
  • Greg McGarity’s hiring spree.
  • You can take the word “probably” out of this quote“Richt said if there’s another G-Day player draft next year, that he might ‘make it some kind of Internet event. Let the Bulldog Nation watch the guys pick. That probably would be fun.’”


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17 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. piper

    if fiutak thinks coach is gone after this year, expect us to be playing in atlanta in december. this is the same guy who last offseason said aj green wasn’t one of the 10 best pro prospects…in the sec. i emailed him to tell him how ridiculous it was he left him off his list. he responded with some mumbo jumbo about nfl talent scouts telling him so. suuuuuuuure they did.


    • heyberto

      I still struggle if we’re complete enough of a team. Receiver really has me concerned, as does Safety. Ultimately, I simply expect to see noticeable improvement in fundamentals, on the field play in general and a better record… but Playing in Atlanta in December? I’ll just have to let that be a pleasant surprise if it happens, because I see no reason to get my hopes up.


  2. heyberto

    That taunting rule is a doozy. After the AJ Green TD against LSU debacle, do they really think this will be called much at all when it happens? Ridiculous.


  3. JG Shellnutt

    We should have had a full time sports psychologist on board back when the receivers all had the dropsies. Tennis balls were not the solution, it is mental.


    • 69Dawg

      I think that the football and basketball teams should hire a juggler to teach the guys. AJ could juggle like a circus clown and he dropped very few passes.


  4. Steve M.

    “The weird story is Mississippi State, which took in no booster money during the 2009-10 school year because it didn’t need it.”

    There’s also all that money they didn’t have to pay to Cecil Newton.


  5. TennesseeDawg

    Ding dong, The Richt is dead! Who knew Fiutak could predict the future with such certainty. Time to start looking for a coach.


  6. James Stephenson

    How the hell do you place Muschamp ahead of Richt and Spurrier as better coaches. That is just crazy, hell I would not even put him below Dooley. At least Dooley actually has head coaching experience.


    • Mike

      Speaking as a Gator, I have a hard time disagreeing with you. Let’s let the man coach a few games before we highly regard him.


  7. I know the bloom might be off Richt’s rose, but . . . Richt, a two-time SEC title winner, a worse head coach than Will Muschamp? Who has yet to coach his first game?

    I’m going to write Fiutak an e-mail and put a bug in his ear about my as-yet-unborn son, who probably won’t even be conceived for another four or five years (at least), who’s going to win back-to-back-to-back-to-back national titles and cure cancer and AIDS at some point.


  8. Biggus Rickus

    Really? With this schedule Fiutak doesn’t think 8 or 9 wins is doable? I guess they could lose every close game again and Richt could be fired, but that seems highly unlikely. Given that 6-2 will likely get you to the conference championship game out of the East this year, Georgia very well may play in Atlanta. I’ll go so far as to say if Georgia beats South Carolina, they will definitely play in Atlanta.


  9. Normaltown Mike

    RE: Miss State

    Are they f’ing stupid? Why in a million years would you not solicit $$ from customers willing to pay?

    Shylock is spinning in his grave.


  10. H-Town Dawg

    Fiutak is a clown.


  11. Dog in Fla

    “Conspiracy theory in Knoxville.” In tomorrow’s episode of ‘As Smokey Burns’, conspiracy theorists will transition to the perfect set-up for the so-called ‘AgHeads’ to try to hire McGarity, their old pal from Hogtown, as AD just as soon as some donors can figure out a way to buy-out Mike’s contract.

    Insofar as trying to pry Mike off the rock is concerned, the donors are thought to have selected S.W.A.T.S. patches to jack themselves to get the preferred Tommy Tuberville response of, “Pay me my buyout and I’m outta here” from Mike to keep things from becoming any more chaotic in Deadwood than they already are.