Are you ready for some football?

A sure sign of increased interest:  as of yesterday, August was the most trafficked month of 2011 at GTP.  It’s pretty much a lock that this month will be the second time I’ve gotten more than 300,000 hits here.  So much for fan apathy.

Thanks for dropping by.


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57 responses to “Are you ready for some football?

  1. GShock

    Thanks for bringing us a constant diet of quality reads.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    So you created “JDawg” and “William” just to drive traffic?.


  3. BCDawg97

    Best blog on the interwebz


  4. Brian

    and “Stay Classy Dawg Fans.”


  5. Senator,

    It’s your world, us other bloggers are just living in it. Thanks for your hard work and “balanced” approach to this sport we all follow way-too-closely.


    Inspector G


  6. JBJ

    Good stuff.


  7. ZDawg

    Not to rain on your parade here Senator, but about 50,000 of those hits were mine. 😉 Congrats and great job.


  8. SC Dawg

    Thanks, Senator. GTP is the first thing I read everyday.


    • SCDawg

      Me too, moniker twin.


      • HahiraDawg

        Me too. I love my daily intake. Thanks Senator. I’ve been here three years now I believe and you’ve been going strong the whole time, remarkable. Thanks.


      • SC Dawg

        I’ve been meaning to apologize for that. I was looking to change it, but I didn’t want to change to CarolinaDawg and steal another one. Senator, can you tell me if anybody already has it? (Your site’s getting so big all the names are taken)


  9. Kevin

    Hands down the best UGA, and 3rd best CFB, out there. Thanks for the quality and quantity of content


  10. Rocksalt

    I come here for all of the flashy graphics.


  11. Ray

    Excellent job, hope you enjoy constant growth every year.


  12. No thank you for the most awesome football blog on the interwebs.


  13. reipar

    I am just too apathetic to stop coming here.


  14. Skeptic Dawg

    Your site is one thing that I am never a skeptic on. Always enjoy your work. Thank you.


  15. Russ

    Great site, Senator! This is the first Dawg blog I read everyday, and mostly the only Dawg blog I read. I will now go click some ads.

    Thank you for the great effort and great reading.


  16. Ridley


    Thank you for the thoughtful commentary and fresh perspective. May you enjoy continued success.



  17. Mayor of Dawgtown

    You’re welcome.


  18. NRBQ


    Can you tell from your end who’s clicking on ads?

    If not, I always click 20-30 ad links while visiting.


  19. Chuck

    This is one of the very few football blogs that is truly intelligent. I don’t think I lose IQ points because I read it. That is also a tribute to your other readers, and I am happy to know that there are that many of us out there.


  20. AusDawg85

    Intelligent, thoughtful and insightful. Maybe someday, this will be true, but until then, may the snark be with you!


  21. This Is my favorite Blog & the only one that I am tempted daily to post a comment on. Also, Dawgbone makes my day evey day. Just keep on doing what you do. Thank You & You Are Welcome. Selah,


  22. TennesseeDawg

    Best and pretty much the only Georgia blog I keep up with. Congrats and keep up the good work


  23. Will Trane

    You do very good work. Always on top of information not only about the Dawgs, but related information.

    Wish you continued success in the remainder of 2011 and afterwards. And let’s all express those for our Dawgs.

    I miss those feelings we had a few years back going to Jacksonville and coming out. Want those back big time.


  24. Senator,
    AS a graduate of 79-I read all the dog news-You are by far the best my brother–congrats on your success looking forward to a very entertaining year.
    Bruce Lauriault—- by the way UGARUGBY Rocks


  25. ChicagoDawg

    Thanks for your efforts on what is great site.


  26. D.N. Nation

    Been following you since mid-season 2007. When things were bad, then got awesome, then went back to bad and have remained there. As long as there’s a place to commiserate, I’ll live.


  27. HottCheesE

    I check the Dawgbone every morning with my cereal and GTP is always my first stop. The comments section is the best on the intertubes bar none. Keep up the good work Bluto.


  28. Hayduke

    Trooper Taylor is the bagman.


  29. Dawgfan Will

    Yours is the only blog that I know almost for certain will have at least three new posts on it every day. Combined with the fact that very few are just quick hit filler, it becomes a no-brainer to check here every day. I honestly don’t know how you do it and keep up the quality.

    Now if only WordPress would change their comments so I could see which ones were newly added without having to wrack my brain to recognize ones I’ve already read, it would be perfect.


  30. Turd Ferguson

    Easily my favorite sports blog.


  31. Dokes

    Senator, your heads & tails above the crowd! Thanks for all your hard work & dedication to the University of Georgia! Now let’s kick some ass in 2011!


  32. W Cobb Dawg

    Great blog brother Bluto. Those 7 years at Faber paid off after all.


  33. stick jackson

    The best Jewish lawyer Dawg blog they is, bar none.

    Keep up the good work, Senator.


  34. Wade

    Is this the line for the circle jerk?

    *looks at the comments above*

    Yup, this is the place.

    I kid. Love the blog.

    I have a stupid question. What’s the significance of the picture of Joe Namath and James Brown on the front page? I. must. know.


  35. I wanna Red Cup

    Wait. What is a blog?
    Sic em, woof woof woof


  36. Wolfman

    Even from across the world, it’s one of my first reads every day. Well-deserved congrats, Senator.


  37. X-Dawg

    I’m All In!


  38. Cojones

    This is just like some Va grad to let all these other aholes on here.

    Awright, awright, I’m sorry since most of’em be DAWGS having a good time.