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You don’t get much without giving.

If it helps any, Brian, I’d pony up the extra $2.59.


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Reaching for different brass rings

Implicit in a discussion like this is the notion that winning the Mountain West is meaningless in and of itself.  The conference championship is never even mentioned.

Can you imagine anyone ever dismissing an SEC title as a goal?


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Wednesday morning buffet

One. More. Day.

  • Groo wonders if we’re looking at an uptempo game Saturday night.
  • Andy Staples’ college football fan’s prayer is pretty good.
  • “We have forgiven Stephen for his transgressions,” Spurrier said.  Stop it, you’re killing me.
  • SEC beat writers pick upsets and surprise teams.  It’s good to see that they really don’t have any more insight about this stuff than we do.
  • In yesterday’s presser, Mark Richt said he’s seen noticeable results from the new S&C regime.
  • Speaking of Richt, Rivals manages to put him on the hot seat, yet list him as one of the twenty best coaches in the country.
  • If you’re interested, OBNUG has a detailed look at the Boise State depth chart for Saturday night’s game.
  • Darren Rovell says adding Texas A&M won’t do much for the SEC’s TV contract situation.  All the more reason to think there’s a 14th team invite out there, right?
  • Phil Steele’s computer likes Georgia over Boise State.  Steele himself, alas, doesn’t.


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Finding my religion

Dammit, Dawgs – how’m I supposed to maintain a detached coolness about Saturday night when you’re throwing out stuff like this?

“John had his best practice (Tuesday),” defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said. “I mean I thought he was really dominant out there. Those guys are all gonna play. It’s important that you have big guys up front that can play and rotate and keep them fresh. So they’re all gonna play.”

And this?

“He’s [Isaiah Crowell] every bit as advertised,” quarterback Aaron Murray said. “The kid every day in practice has turned people’s heads in practice. He’s a tremendously talented running back. He’ll show everyone this year. He’s going to make some plays that people’s jaws are going to hit the ground like, ‘Wow, that kid just made that move.’ “

I wish the game would up and get here.  I’m ready to do some cheering.


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