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Wednesday morning buffet

The season gets closer, so you should have a good appetite now.



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2010: the year of pointing fingers

Now here’s an interesting exchange:

“When you watch the film and you see another team played harder than we did, that’s sad, that’s my fault,” Richt said. “We had some games like that in my opinion. I can name one for sure and that’s the bowl game. It was most evident that game, maybe that’s the one in my craw and is the one I’m talking about the most.”

“Not on defense,” Grantham said. “It ain’t happened on defense. When you look at the Central Florida game, I thought the guys on defense were busting their tail. Now we didn’t finish the game the way that we wanted to, but to say that those guys outworked us, that ain’t right. That didn’t happen.”

I sure would like to hear Bobo’s reaction to that.


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“Football is what makes our whole athletic department work.”

On an individual basis, none of the steps Greg McGarity has taken may seem like much of a big deal, but as Bruce Springsteen reminds us, from small things, mama, big things one day come.

For the record, I doubt his conversation with Jimmy Williamson was as innocuous as he makes it sound.  But let’s also give Williamson credit for honesty here:  “We all have done dumb things, including me.”  Hey, who am I to argue?


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Envy and jealousy: Richt vs. Dooley edition

Matt Hayes, comparing Georgia’s and Tennessee’s prospects for improvement this season, neatly ties together several themes we’ve discussed here:

So while Derek Dooley is reading Shakespeare to his Tennessee team and teaching them proper showering technique, Richt simply has to find a way to motivate his talented team to play to their ability.


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