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Yeah, well, I suppose that could be the case.

Bill Connelly has a rebuttal to those of us who dismiss Boise State’s gaudy stats on the basis of its schedule strength.

… Boise State’s defensive line was rather incredible last year. Our natural tendency is to talk down mid-major lines — surely they’re not big enough or athletic enough. But as I mention in today’s Boise State profile, Boise State’s line was big (ends over 250, tackles over 295) and incredibly deep. Ten players registered at least two tackles for loss (eight return in 2011), and the Broncos finished in the Top 5 in both Adj. Sack Rates and Adj. Line Yards. It is difficult to prove yourself to any major degree when taking on a mostly weak schedule. But if you completely dominate that schedule, you still prove something. Boise State completely dominated.

Like it or not, Dawg fans, you might as well prepare for a tougher game than the 2005 match up was.



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If you can’t obsess over preseason scrimmage stats, what can you obsess over?


There ain’t much to take out of the early goings, but, nevertheless, I’ll try:

  • The defense is ahead of the offense, generally speaking.
  • Contrary to the happy talk on the subject, there isn’t much depth at wide receiver.
  • Judging from the tackles numbers (dominated by the linebackers; no mention of safeties), the defensive line may be doing its job.
  • The second team offensive line is about what you’d expect/fear.

That is all.  Fret on.


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Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.

Tough talk emerges from the NCAA Presidents Retreat and people like Pat Forde and Dennis Dodd get all swoon-y over it.  (Dodd actually goes there with this line:  “In the last two days Mark Emmert has proved there is a new sheriff in town.”  Down, boy.)

Don’t get me wrong.  We’re hearing plenty of decent ideas and good intentions.  That’s not unusual.  But it’s the implementation that’s always a shaky proposition.  Put it this way:  can anyone really, truly see the NCAA imposing a TV ban on Ohio State?  Dodd’s sheriff couldn’t even muster up the backbone to keep the Buckeyes out of the Sugar Bowl.

And those familiar with the havoc Congress has wrought imposing guidelines on how judges must hand out criminal sentences will be shaking their heads over this:

That’s why it was heartening to hear Emmert say that the NCAA membership will explore something akin to “sentencing guidelines.” In other words: If you’re guilty of X crime, you can expect X penalty; if you’re guilty of Y crime, you can expect Y penalty.

Black and white sound great, except we don’t live in a two-toned world.

The farther these guys try to reach, the harder it’ll be to come up with any changes that will improve things.


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Thursday morning buffet

Back in the saddle, bringing you some choice nuggets for your enjoyment:


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Zeke Pike is Twitterific.

It’s always exciting for a blogger to discover the arrival of a new source of fodder.

Zeke Pike, welcome aboard, son.  You’re gonna make a fine addition to an already target rich environment.


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