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I seem to be getting all flushed.

Can there be anything more Dawg porn-y than this?

Junior nose guard Jonathan Jenkins had the highlight of Georgia’s morning practice Tuesday as he intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown.

“[Jenkins] tipped it to himself and then the big boy just rumbled down the field,” senior tight end Aron White said. “It was only about 12 yards, but a TD for a guy that size is still impressive. He kind of reminded me of that guy for the Packers [B.J. Raji] running for that touchdown.”

Excuse me, I have to go take a cold shower now.



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Wednesday morning buffet

Reality has intruded rather perversely into my blogging life this week, which accounts for the sporadic nature of my posting, but here are a few things for you to nibble on:


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Which part of supply and demand don’t you get?

The saddest thing I’ve learned so far from the Division I Presidential Retreat is that Mark Emmert has a firmer grasp of economic reality than the school presidents do.

… Schultz also noted there was far greater concern among university leaders about the escalating cost of coaches’ salaries, perhaps because so many schools operate athletic departments that are already losing money.

What else is new?  Emmert’s response is the only correct one (at least if antitrust law matters to you):

The presidents also discussed ways to rein in costs, but Emmert said there wasn’t much talk about escalating coaches’ salaries. The marketplace dictates those salaries, he said.

And these are the people running major academic institutions.

Though this is where politicians like Hatch have missed the boat.  Were Congress to offer an antitrust exemption in exchange for a playoff/broader funding distribution arrangement, that’s a grand bargain which D-1 schools would look at very closely.  Most university presidents would love nothing better than to stick it to the Jimmy Sextons of the world.


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