Bait and switch

What a mess the SEC has made of its basketball schedules as a result of expansion:

SEC basketball coaches met in Florida early last month to, among other things, determine how scheduling would be done for their new 14-team league, and everything was settled by the time the meetings concluded. The league decided each school would play every other school once per season, have a constant rival it would play twice per season, and four other schools it would also play twice per season to complete an 18-game schedule.

Not everybody was happy.

But everybody at least knew the score.

And then last week happened, and now everybody is confused.

“I got an email from the SEC office, and my four [home-and-home] opponents … were changed,” once SEC coach told “There was no discussion or phone call. I just got an email of our league schedule, and the league schedule wasn’t the league schedule they told me I’d have last month. It’s crazy.”

It’s Mike Slive’s league, asshole.  You’re just coaching in it.  Shut up and do as you’re told.   By the way, did anyone mention there are new TV contracts coming?


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10 responses to “Bait and switch

  1. JasonC

    Has Spurrier started bitching about this one too?


  2. Lrgk9

    Ahh, the arrogance and imperious nature of a man who lives on the product of others efforts .


  3. Go Dawgs!

    All because Slive didn’t manage to get enough money when he negotiated our TV contracts the first time. Can’t tell you how happy I am about all of this.

    I could care less who we play twice in basketball (and heck, it might be nice not to play UK twice) but the SEC just functioned better with 12 teams. The fact that it took so much wrangling to save the Auburn-Georgia football rivalry was bad enough. 14 teams is just too many teams the way things are currently constituted with the number of league games in both sports.


    • I’ve spent the last three weeks in St. Louis. The local sports talk radio shows devoted maybe 10 minutes a day to SEC Media Days and spent the rest of the time talking Cardinals baseball. The people in my office are talking about Mizzou basketball in July and how they’re now “the second best team in the league.” That assertion may very well be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that fans of an SEC school not named Kentucky are discussing effing basketball in July. From what I’ve seen thus far, they aren’t a very good fit for the conference at all.


  4. Russ for UGA IX in '12

    Based on last season, If it was up to Richt & McGarity, the 4 for next year would be South Carolina, Auburn, Arkansas, and LSU. Although he may be scared away from the latter two based on habit.


  5. But Senator, you didn’t include the money sentence in that article.

    Sources said Georgia’s schedule got harder.

    Funny that South Carolina fans haven’t been showering Georgia with comments of sympathy given all the bitching they did when one schedule got easier.