That would be fun.

USA Today currently projects a Georgia vs. Ohio State national title game match up.


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  1. Castleberry, Mark (CEI-Atlanta)

    If this happens, we must save all of our timeouts in the second half.


  2. heyberto

    Before I can buy into that as a possibility, I gotta ask, who is going to beat Oregon? What if Clemson wins out?


  3. remlapmit

    No joke, I dozed off briefly Sunday afternoon and woke up from a dream that OSU and UGA were playing each other in the NCG. The image of the title card is all I remember. Trying to convince myself I saw roses but I think I’m forcing it now.

    Weird. Why OSU and UGA? I’ve thought since the first of September that a rematch against CU could be probable and awesomely vengeful. At least now it’s locked into the inter-webs.


  4. ZeroPointZero

    Pretty please.


  5. Ben

    My wife and I figure that if UGA makes it to the SECCG and plays an undefeated Alabama and wins, then the pollsters, pundits, and everyone else will say, “This is a quality loss for Alabama to a legitimate top 5 team; they shouldn’t be penalized for a loss like that in a neutral site, so they should get to defend what is rightfully theirs.”

    However, it would be nice to get a crack a Meyer’s squad when the Dawgs are clicking. That could be a fun game. Plus, I hate Ohio State a lot.


  6. Joe Schmoe

    Handing Urban Meyer his first loss as OSU head coach in the NCG would be an absolute dream come true.


  7. UFTimmy

    Oh god, and I thought I had a hard time picking someone to root for when FSU and Tennessee played in ’98.


  8. Oh Hell Yeah! Wouldn’t that be something?!


  9. Sanford222View

    I can’t think of a more perfect way to end a season than with a win over OSU and Corch for the BCS Title. Come on Football Gods! Make that happen!


  10. mdcgtp

    if you saw Wisconsin’s QB with one only one capable WR carve up Ohio st.’s supposed All-american CB, you can’t help but salivate over the prospect our WRs against them.

    there is definitely part of me that wants the opportunity to blow out OSU and call every time out at the end to celebrate. Then again, why stoop to meyer’s level? why let him have the success of getting to the championship game because he played against a schedule that 6 SEC teams would also finish unbeaten playing? No way. I hope he implodes this week and their season tanks. I would rather play a class act like Shaw or get a rematch with Clemson.


  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    Damn USA Today….McJournalism at is worst…worry, worry, double double…The Kharmic Bitches did this, I know it, they know it…


  12. Bulldog Joe

    We may not make it to the BCS Championship, but we DO have a ton of people watching our games on TV.

    Top-rated TV games of 2013:

    1. Alabama-Texas A&M: 8.5 average rating, 13.59M viewers;
    2. Notre Dame-Michigan: 5.3 average rating, 8.65M viewers;
    3. LSU-Georgia: 4.9 average rating, 8.24M viewers;
    4. Georgia-Clemson: 4.8 average rating, 8.14M viewers; and
    5. South Carolina-Georgia: 4.3 average rating, 7.05M viewers.


  13. Bob

    Game won’t happen. Ohio State AD will cancel it.


  14. Evil Richt has the team celebrate in the end zone after the first TD and Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins turn Braxton Miller into Colt Brennan. Then, we call all three timeouts in the last minute of the game and then Artie Lynch throws TD off a fake punt after three kneel-downs. Then, CMR gives Corch a forearm shiver at midfield at the end of the game. Maybe the team does the Soulja Boy as Tattoo U leaves the field. A guy can dream, can’t he?


  15. Turd Ferguson

    Please, God. Please. I want this match-up even if it’s *not* in Pasadena. I don’t care if it’s the Capital One Bowl. I want Ohio State.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Turd, get real. We want to play in the BCSNCG no matter who the opponent is! tOSU would be fine but so would be playing Oregon, Stanford, FSU or a rematch against Clemmons.