“I hope he doesn’t just break it. I hope he shatters it.”

Two things – one, David Greene is a damned good Dawg, and two, this is a pretty amazing stat:

Murray can be the first starting quarterback ever to defeat Tennessee four years in a row.

Considering that Murray’s also got a shot at leaving Georgia as the first starting quarterback with a winning record against Florida in Gawd knows how long, can we please shut up about whether his legacy will measure up?


UPDATE:  Michael Elkon has some thoughts about Murray’s recent surge against ranked opponents.


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38 responses to ““I hope he doesn’t just break it. I hope he shatters it.”

  1. Brandon

    In fact, if we beat UF this year with Murray at the helm Murray will be our old buddy “undefeated in regulation” against UF as a starter.


  2. Merk

    What, you mean we were so busy bitching about him losing BIG games that we forgot he did everything else we hope a QB at UGA will do?

    -Beat tech (3-0)
    -Beat Auburn (2-1, the one loss to the NC team)
    -Beat Tenn (3-0)
    -Beat Fla (2-1, with the 1 loss coming OT)


    • Brandon

      I remember when thinking that just breaking even against UF, UT, AUB, and Tech would be a huge improvement, because it would have been. Donnan was:

      1-4 vs. UF
      1-4 vs. UT
      2-3 vs. Tech
      2-3 vs. Auburn

      At present Richt is:

      11-1 vs. Tech
      8-4 vs. UT
      8-4 vs. Aub &
      4-8 vs. Florida

      And before anybody jumps on the UF record, if we beat UF this year, UGA will have as more wins against UF (6) since the SEC split into divisions in 1992 than their once “great rival” UT has, (5). The fact is Florida has been damn good the last 20 or so years. With only one or two exceptions at least the losses to Florida under Richt have been competitive, in the 90’s we regularly got beat like 47-7, 52-14, etc.


      • Mudcats Impala...

        UF’s domination is so 1990’s… 😉

        UGA has won 2 IAR…
        UGA is 3-3 in the last 6 years…
        A win this year will make it 5-5 in the last 10 years…

        Pretty even…:-)


  3. DugLite

    We are gonna miss AM next year. What a great player rep for UGA.


  4. I can say one of few QB with not much air around his head. As long as he does not throw those short throws that usually gets batted or intercepted, he’ll finish the season undefeated.


  5. Dawg with no fleas

    Prior to 1992 we didn’t play them yearly so it isn’t too surprising. http://www.collegefootball.bz/georgia/opponents/tennessee

    I believe we only played tennesse 21 times in total prior to ’92.


  6. Official Univeristy of Florida Football Historian

    There was no football before 1992, you speaketh lies.


  7. fuelk2

    We also really can’t overstate how good he’s been against Auburn and Tech. Even in the Auburn loss, he put on one of the more corageous performances you’ll ever see. I’m sure his stats in the other two games against Auburn and the three against Tech would be downright mind boggling. Say what you want about the quality of competition, but not many other guys have laid down those types of epic beatings.


  8. Russ

    …but, but…Hutson Mason!


  9. David Greene and Aaron Murray are two DGD’s. Like you said, I hope AM crushes this and every other record possible the rest of this season. Wonder what the LSU/ZM trolls (that were talking smack on here a coupla weeks ago) will be thinking/saying then? Let’s hope his 212+ game vs UT and the win over the Bayou Bengals will shut them up for good. Go Dawgs!


    • Normaltown Mike

      The LSU fans are calling for Chavis firing and public defenestration at midfield.

      No props to Murray or our receivers.


      • Brandon

        The difference between Chavis and Grantham is that the departure excuse works a little better for Chavis than it does for Grantham, over the course of his career Chavis has proven he can field a dominant defense when he has the horses. Georgia’s youth and inexperience problem is certainly a legitimate one, but damn we had the horses last year and we didn’t play anywhere close to our potential. Inevitably when we have inexperience at quarterback again, the boo birds will come for Bobo again and it needs to be remembered what CMB did when he had the horses.


  10. In four games against a schedule with three top ten teams… two of which boast proud traditions of defense, including the “best defensive player in college football”…

    Aaron Murray’s stat line is ri-damn-diculous. 68.1% on 29 attempts per game. 11.53 yards per attempt(!), 11 TD vs. 3 INT, and 334.5 yards per game. This is not the case of a small sample size. It is also not putting up garbage stats against cupcakes. These are three of the four toughest defenses he will face all season, and he has acquitted himself nicely.

    If he finishes his career 14-2 against Tech, Tenn, Fla, & Aub, wins the East three times, and breaks every SEC passing record available (which, at this point, he is a heavy favorite to do)… it will be really difficult to make the case that he’s not the best QB to ever play at UGA. If he wins the SEC, there is no case. I blame Bobo.


  11. Cousin Eddie

    But if we had (insert flavor of the week QB) we could have won it all, moved to the NFL and won a super bowl.


  12. Russ

    I really hope he breaks the TD record in the Florida game. Sweet payback.


  13. IveyLeaguer

    [“Considering that Murray’s also got a shot at leaving Georgia as the first starting quarterback with a winning record against Florida in Gawd knows how long, can we please shut up about whether his legacy will measure up?”]

    It’s a good point. Four years is a lot of starts, and Murray waited until the last, possible moment. I mean, SC/LSU was IT, the very last chance he had.
    But if he keeps it going and finishes it out, I think he’ll overcome and pretty much negate the record of his first 3 years, and people will remember him this way.

    At least I hope so.


  14. Slaw Dawg

    Who would have thunk, back in the 3 yards and a clouda dust (okay, 5 yards with #34) days of Dooley, that 3 of the top 5 all time SEC passers would be Dawg QBs? And it’s not as if they had bad running backs behind them, either.

    While I am personally a big AM booster myself, we gotta recognize (don’t we?) that Murray has benefited from a steadily improving OC, a fleet of talented and well coached WRs, and, esp. last 2 yrs, a more than credible running game. Whoever steps into his big shoes next year will inherit a well oiled, well-tooled scoring engine–Mason and the other back ups must be drooling at the prospect. So I think the Tee Martin comparisons are fair. I’ll also venture a John Lastinger comparison–without quite (?) the same running game, D or ST, but with a much more serious passing attack. Gosh, thinking of that makes me think of the ’82 Florida slaughter and “sugar falling out of the sky,” and that makes me smile!


  15. Dog in Fla

    Sure he the best quarterback we’ve ever had but what else has he done


  16. Debby Balcer

    He deserve the Heisman.


  17. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ya know….I have never been an advocate of the quarterback-centric offensive philosophy….all I really want the QB to do is toss the ball to Herschel….but (sigh) that day is done, apparently.

    But I will say this if I gotta have a quarterback in one a them quarterback-centric offenses, I would pick Aaron Murray…kid is simply sublime.


  18. Both guys are winners on and off the field. They are the kind of guys you love representing your university.

    On an unrelated note, did you post about Rober Baker “Smack-deal Maker”?


  19. Jack

    Murray is #3 nationally in adjusted qbr, in other words, after you take into account the quality of opponent, Murray is playing pretty much better than everybody.

    Murray needs to put up some big numbers vs Tenn to keep his Heisman hopes alive, Heisman predictor has Murray #3 in its’ poll.