My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 6

The top of the conference seems to be solidifying, while there’s still a fair amount of jockeying for position going on elsewhere.

  1. Alabama.  It’s always impressive to see how many Tide fans show up to watch a scrimmage… wait, that was a real game?
  2. Georgia.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – Missouri shows up in the AP, which means the Dawgs are facing their fourth ranked opponent in six games.
  3. LSU.  It took the Tigers a while to shake off the funk from the Georgia loss, but shake it off they did. In style.
  4. Texas A&M.  There are three SEC teams that have played one more game and given up less yardage than the Aggies’ defense.
  5. South Carolina.  The ‘Cocks have entered into a disturbing pattern of losing interest in the second half of their games.
  6. Florida.  Is Murphy a better quarterback than Driskel?  With that defense, it’s not that important a question.
  7. Missouri.  A quality team, or a tribute to soft early season scheduling?  We’re about to find out.
  8. Auburn.  With their fourth win in five games, the Tigers have already won once more than they did all of last season.
  9. Mississippi.  Maybe it takes more than one great recruiting class to become an upper-tier team.
  10. Vanderbilt.  When your three wins are against Austin Peay, UMass and UAB, can it be said that any of them are good ones?
  11. Mississippi State.  Played LSU well for three quarters, and still lost by thirty-three.  That’s a pretty good summary of where MSU football is right now.
  12. Tennessee.  The Vols proved they can play with any team in the country missing its top three receivers and top two running backs.
  13. Arkansas.  Brandon Allen averaged 4 yards per pass on 41 attempts, with no touchdowns and one interception.  Yecch.
  14. Kentucky.  UK lost by a smaller margin to South Carolina than it did to Western Kentucky.  I don’t think that’s particularly significant, but what the heck, I thought I’d mention it.


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13 responses to “My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 6

  1. TennesseeDawg

    I’m afraid Florida is a lot better team with Murphy at QB


  2. StatGal

    Senator, I don’t know how long you spend on the comments that accompany these rankings but it is worth every minute! Love starting my day with your witticisms. This rare commenter appreciates all the time you must spend on this site!


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    “A quality team, or a tribute to soft early season scheduling? We’re about to find out.”

    Watch the Vandy replay…Misery looks pretty damn good to me. Of course my vision is probably still affected by the Vols’ Several Shades of Gray uniforms.

    If WE are number two on heart, guts and want to…I agree, but losing three weapons like JSW, Marshall and Bennett (for however long) can’t be absorbed without a ripple.

    The team that had to have a miracle to beat Tennessee is a long way from beating anybody from Alabama, and yes, I know what that means.

    Pet Dye’s Amen Corner (Conah?) looms like an iceberg in a foggy sea.


  4. strength of frickin schedule. Auburn’s trying to get ranked too.


  5. Macallanlover

    It’s just opinions so there is no right or wrong, I cannot put us at #2 in the conference this week. I would have LSU at the top, Bama 2nd, and maybe us at #3. Love our team but we would not beat either of those teams on a neutral field this week, and it might not be close. I think we will struggle against the mobile QB that Mizzou is bringing and will have to win a shootout again. Florida may now be ahead of us.

    I realize my ranking is based on today, and yours could be based on what has played out so far….totally different ranking when you view it from that perspective so I am not arguing. Viewed that way, I might even have put UGA ahead of Bama because last week I felt we would beat them, but that UGA team isn’t here this week. Hope this week shows that we have adjusted positively to the current roster. I am not giving up on them but don’t know what we are yet.


  6. WillTrane

    My SEC poll…Bama, Missouri, LSU, UGA, Texas A & M. Bama and Missouri have something in common Dawgs…both undefeated. Not sure which of the two has had the more difficult schedule to date, but it does not matter. You are at home Dawgs. And when this bunch of Tigers leave many in the Bulldawg Nation want to hear that squad say this…you do not want to go between the hedges and play. Time to start putting some other teams players on the injured reserve roster. Start getting to the damn ball and put a hit on it Dawgs. Is there a TD off an interception, blocked punt or FG, or pick up fumble…been too damn of a long time. Time to start a trend on D…playing between the hedges is hell and no one likes going thru hell.