Context matters.

I was getting ready to go here, but Year2 thoughtfully saved me the trouble:

Despite playing no one all that good in the first four weeks, Missouri’s  rated just 42nd in that span (the figures haven’t been updated to include the 10/5 games at time of posting). In comparison, Georgia’s much maligned defense rates 26th in these opponent-adjusted ratings. [Emphasis added.] The sample size is still too small to make firm judgments, but it doesn’t appear that the defense is as efficient as the 28th-rated Mizzou offense is.

And that’s the thing of it. Missouri is behind those three upcoming opponents in both offensive and defensive S&P+, save its offense being ahead of Florida’s offense.

Vanderbilt’s offense is higher rated than Tennessee’s, so the gap between Missouri’s and Georgia’s defensive S&P+ ratings will likely narrow this week, but the bigger point – one that I brushed at when I noted how Mississippi State struggled with LSU’s offense – is that Georgia’s played more than its fair share of potent offenses this year.  I’m not predicting greatness Saturday, but maybe, just maybe, the Dawgs can keep up.


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  1. RocketDawg

    At this point I’ll take a win, no matter how ugly or last minute it may be.


  2. sUGArdaddy

    I think we’re going to roll. Just feels like it. We’ll be listening all week about poor pitiful uga. I think our players will get tired of it. All these guys signed with uga for a reason.

    If gurley plays, it’s a route. If not, we win by 2 TDs. Just got the feeling we’ll come out laser focused because we have to be, and that’s bad news for Misery.

    Btw, Isaiah and Boo, thanks so much, guys.


    • JRod1229

      Give Isaiah all the shit you want (though he was ultimately found innocent of any charges), but Boo did nothing but try when he was here. He transferred because he realized he’d never get quality PT and he wouldn’t have. Can’t blame a guy for wanting to give him self a shot.


      • PTC DAWG

        Agree, calling out College Players is a bit rough….


      • sUGArdaddy

        I guess ‘nothing but try’ means quitting then begging to be let back on the team. I would have told him, “Have you ever actually watched an SEC season?” Backs get banged up. Herschel got banged up. Mark Ingram got banged up. It just happens. It bothers me that UGA made a commitment to him, let him back on the team, but he couldn’t stay committed to teammates when he wasn’t “the guy.” We were going to play 3 backs all along, and he would have been number 3. He would have carried it down the stretch against USCe, been number 2 against LSU, and rushed for 160 yards vs. UT and start vs. Mizzou. You just never know.

        If there is one position NOT to transfer if you’re stuck on the depth chart, it’s RB. It disappoints me he wasn’t a team player and we’re dealing with the lack of depth in a championship run. It bothers me that Mark Richt showed him grace to be back on the team and he couldn’t give his all for Mark Richt, even if that meant 10 snaps a game. And he’d have a better shot at the NFL as a back-up at UGA than a starter in FCS. And for this reason, God bless Hutson Mason. I love Aaron Murray for all the grief he’s taken, and I hope Hutson excels next year because he stuck w/ UGA even when his career didn’t go how he planned.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          A guy I went to law school with played FB in college (not at UGA). After spring he was 3rd string FB. He decided he had enough and quit before summer camp. Just for grins he went to the first game as a spectator. First series on O, the first team FB goes down–knee injury and out for the season. Later in the first half the second team FB goes down–knee injury and out for the season. In trots the guy who was behind my friend on the depth chart who then played first team the rest of the game and the remainder of the season. Lesson here.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Off Topic Alert: We need a post on the flameout of the Jadeveon Clowney hype machine. I believe he’s fallen victim to his agent and press clippings.


    • stoopnagle

      I refuse to call him a victim until I see where he actually gets drafted. If he’s not still top ten, OK, he lost something; but if he is (and he is) then he wins.


  4. Just maybe, but I’ll need to see it with my own eyes to believe it.


  5. David K

    It took some Jarvis Jones heroics last year to get some distance between us and Missouri late in the game. We haven’t shown any ability to create turnovers or make big plays on defense. With our potential for special teams lapses it’s likely this will be another close one.


  6. Let me start by saying……

    Fuck you, Missouri.

    Now is not the time. Athens, Ga is not the place.

    Unlike members of the media and humble Georgia bloggers, I’ma just come out and say it………you’re a bunch of pussies. Padding stats and RUTS against Indiana and Vanderbilt don’t impress me much.

    Your signature win will happen some other place, some other time. The only thing you’ll leave Athens, Ga with is a Bulldogs foot in your ass.

    Bring that weak shit on, pussies.



  7. SouthGaDawg

    Mizzou is going to score a few points, probably 30+, but I see Georgia scoring more even if Gurley doesn’t play. I’m hoping for a central time zone team coming to an eastern time zone stadium playing at 12 noon maybe being a little flat. That might be one intangible working in favor of Georgia.


  8. Cojones

    By the way, some comments show no faith in the newbies, but Tibbs is the only player I ever saw in a highschool game. He was both RB and WR, so when he was recruited he was given 3 stars as a Jack-of-all-trades. I don’t think we have any idea how good an athlete he is at WR until he hits the field, but here’s hoping that he does as well as he was capable in HS. He was behind a lot of experience before now and we shall see. I just have a good feeling about him (and those “subs” as a group). They are quite capable of measuring up to the task


  9. Bulldog Joe

    As of now, we’ve had more good teams kick our defense’s a$$ than bad teams.

    So we’ve got that going for us.


  10. JT

    Sic em, I want to watch a game with you I like your attitude.