Evil Richt, with a vengeance

It’s the P.S. in his letter that really nails it for me.


UPDATE:  Too good to be true.

That’s kind of evil, too, now that I think about it.


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45 responses to “Evil Richt, with a vengeance

  1. Krautdawg

    This is going to be one hell of a season.

  2. Hot Sauce

    You actually think Richt wrote that? You must be joking.

  3. Hmmmm…..is it normal for Athens mail to be postmarked in Augusta?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Local offices no longer process outgoing mail. It is collected at the various branches and transported by truck to large distribution centers. Augusta straddles a common boundry.

  4. Juan

    Coach Donnan and I have a time share in Jamaica that will make you millions. Pm me!



  6. Puffdawg


  7. Never believed this one for a second. The previous coach might have done something like this, though.

  8. DawgPhan

    Of course evil Richt would deny it.

  9. timphd

    I so wish this were true! Would love for Right to unleash an evil side once in a while. Maybe bite back at Spurrier or Johnson once or twice.

  10. Cojones

    Richt doesn’t even like block partying, much less block printing.

  11. Dawg19

    This looks more like the work of Evil Thomas Brown.

  12. biggen

    Did anyone really believe this was real?? I mean, if you knew anything about Richt you would know this is fake.

    Am I reading Get the Picture or TMZ??

  13. heytogoober

    It was common during Biblical times (BCE & CE) for discipiles to write letters that reflected their mentors ideas and sign them using their mentor’s name. Maybe this will go into our book at the end of the season along with Erk’s famous epistle. If you don’t know that part of our canon, read it and be awed.


    Get after their asses!!!

  14. I, for one, am STILL waiting for the real letter from Coach Richt to the SEC officiating office telling them he was hurry up no huddle before hurry up no huddle was allowed.

  15. Bulldog Joe

    pRuiTt HAs yOUr cLemSOn oFFEnSe. sEnd hIM $1o,oo0 aND kORiE roGErS iF yOu wANt TO sEE iT aGaIN!!!

  16. uglydawg

    CMR is way ahead of this game by always taking the high road. If he did show his “evil” side and get on the level of SOS (or a lot of others) he would be taking a step down giving them what they want…(The old “never wrestle with a pig….” thing.)
    “Stay Classy” is more than a slogan for CMR…it’s his lifestyle.

  17. You know how I knew it was a fake? He didn’t include a hand-drawn sketch of Todd Gurley.