Throw Driskel from the train.

Boom ponders the unpossible.

Everyone it seems is ready for a new face at quarterback after three-plus seasons of Driskel at the controls. Even Driskel’s most important supporter, coach Will Muschamp, admitted he thought about turning to true freshman backup Treon Harris during Saturday’s rout.

“I did [consider a change], but Jeff gives us the best opportunity right now,” Muschamp said after the game.

Sounds like the sphincters are tightening in Gainesville.



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18 responses to “Throw Driskel from the train.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I regret saying this, or not, but Jeff Driskel is the worst downfield passer in the SEC since John Lastinger. And Lastinger was an asset for other reasons.


    • Dawg19

      So is Driskel the Gators’ version of Quincy Carter? I mean, minus the weed and game-throwing rumors? If Jerry Jones takes him in the first round, I guess we’ll know.


  2. siskey

    Quincy was a lot better than Driskel, until the aforementioned weed and game fixing stuff.


  3. Kevin

    Muschamp is right. JD does give them the best chance to win. Which means if he goes to one of his true freshmen, or both, he may as well go ahead and turn in his resignation. IT IS TIME FOR UGA TO COME DOWN HERE TO JAX AND BURY THESE GUYS. TIME FOR AN ASS WHOOPIN LIKE THEY DISHED ON US FOR MANY YEARS.


  4. Russ

    Well, the be fair to Driskel, he’s no John Brantley.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Boom needs something gusty to blow away the music he hears in the windows of his mind


  6. Jack Klompus

    How could one pull Driskel? This is guy is amazing, isn’t he? Brent Pease is his Offensive Coordinator he’s gotta be unstoppable. That’s like Alabama not starting Jacob Coker. I mean, c’mon.


  7. Driskel catches a lot of grief, but I think most of it is unwarranted. He is on his third oc, he has a suspect running game, a questionable ol, and no real play makers at wr (that are not true freshman). He suffers from being over hyped from the media. He is not a guy that can do it all, but the media has made him out to be that good so everyone critizes him.

    I think for what he actually is he is pretty good given the team limitations.


    • Macallanlover

      The media certainly does play a role in his shortfall, from the HS star ratings mistake to the FU alums in the media ranking them as contenders and touting how much better Driskell looks. He has gone from a sure-fire “most improved” player to a leper in only one game against competition better than HS football. Every yeat th esame FU mouth pieces talk of how they are the best in the East….ostensibly because they wear blue and orange unis. They forget, their dry spell in search of a first conference title exceeds SC’s by a few decades.


  8. Cousin Eddie

    Driskel would have fit in better at USCe, he is preseason all-America like they are preseason National Champs.


  9. Quincy loved the cocaine, and the USC game was up there with the 90’s homecoming loss to Vanderbilt as the worst, but he had moments of brilliance. The win at LSU, at night, his freshman season and the great comebacks in the peach bowl against Virginia and the outback bowl against Purdue. He also lit Tech up in the no – fumble game.


  10. Sanford222view

    Is Will Grier still at UF? I thought he was going to be the future at QB there?