Mark Richt has lost control of losing control.

Here we go again – another kid booted from a program for a rules violation last season shows up invited to an SEC school for a look see.  When is Mark Richt gonna… oh, wait.


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  1. CannonDawg

    Hmm, I confess I didn’t see this one coming. Whatever the kid did to get his walking papers at FSU, it must not have involved groping, theft, forgery, assault, classroom disruption, or multiple drug-screen failures.

    What’s left? And specifically, after what the CFB world has seen in recent years from Jimbo, what WOULD get someone tossed from such a disciplinary bastion like FSU? I suppose CMR and CJP know what they’re doing here. I sure hope so. Are we about to turn another corner in our new commitment to winning?

    Nope, no way did I see this one coming. Not saying it’s right or wrong, just unexpected.


  2. sectionzalum

    tell me if i’m missing something, but i see a suggestion that the kid went with his old coach without an invite:

    “Ferguson now coaches at Arabia Mountain High, and Eligwe rode to UGA with another one of the team’s coaches on Thursday to make the surprise appearance.”

    and this:

    “The Bulldogs are tight on scholarship numbers after signing 29 recruits this past year. Of course, a spot could open up if any of the team’s current quarterbacks (or other position players) decide to transfer before the season.”

    i am inclined to think that it’s not likely he was invited. ajc is perhaps just click-trolling.


  3. I guess this means that our linebackers are terrible!


  4. Jack Klompus

    We recruited him and Pruitt coached him. Must know him well enough to be okay with him hanging out on campus. In Pruitt I trust.


  5. Spike

    ” ..We got one less problem with out ya…”


  6. He has a cool name. I hope everything works out for him, regardless of where he lands.