Now they’re worried about tradition.

Chris Low, I presume you mean well with this post, but the concept of the entity whose spending has done more to disrupt the face of college football over the last decade being concerned about preserving its traditions strikes me as one of the more ironic, horse-out-of-the-barn notions Mickey’s minions could offer these days.

Thanks for the chuckle, though.


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8 responses to “Now they’re worried about tradition.

  1. doofusdawg

    I thought it was a pretty good article.. and timely. Happy 4th.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Next week he’ll write about the corrupting influence of money on college football. The week after that it’ll be how unfair the playoffs are so they should be expanded.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    ESPN destroyed the home-and-home OOC series and turned it into NFL-lite.


  4. Saxondawg

    Another mention of the “electrifying” entrance of Clemson touching its rock. I’ve been there. Twice. Was not electrified. Don’t get it. Especially now that the rock is scotch-taped.


    • JCDAWG83

      I’ve never gotten the appeal of that either. The Clemson players have to ride a bus around their own stadium from the locker room to run down a hill after touching a rock that has no real connection to the school. I’ve seen it quite a few times and it’s no different than any other college team running onto the field.


    • doofusdawg

      Hey Saxon and Senator… two of the most analytical guys I enjoy reading. What does it mean that one of my fondest traditions is watching Wimbledon on the 4th of July.