“It’s crazy how it happened. Like five minutes.”

Talk about your whirlwind romance.  Tell you what – one thing you can say about Georgia recruiting these days is that it’s upped its level of aggressiveness significantly.

And no successful Georgia recruiting story would be complete without an Urban Meyer diss.

… But by then, the Buckeyes led for Briscoe. In fact, up until Briscoe announced via Twitter on New Year’s Eve he was going to Georgia, it was thought Columbus would be his ultimate destination.

“I can’t lie, it was hard, just because he’s Urban Meyer,” Briscoe said. “He’s one of the greats. It was hard. But I had to look at what would benefit me in the long run, not just him being Urban Meyer.”

And in the end, it was Georgia that was telling him what he wanted to hear.

“Urban Meyer’s got his track record, but he’s an offensive guy,” Briscoe said. “I’m going to play defense and I want to play for the best. And coach Pruitt, I saw him at Alabama and he did what he did and I saw what he did at Florida State. And I can talk to coach Pruitt about anything and everything.”

I’d like to think “he’s an offensive guy” was meant as some sort of double entendre, but that’s probably expecting too much. Oh, well, take what I can get.


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6 responses to ““It’s crazy how it happened. Like five minutes.”

  1. Oh yeah, CUM is a very offensive guy!


  2. Mike Cooley

    Lol! From now on, in addition to referring to him as Corch amd dickhead, we can refer to him as the offensive guy.


  3. sectionzalum

    “…before that fateful tweet.”



  4. mg4life0331

    Must be a slow offseason Senator with all the recruiting post from you this year. Like you I’m not really into it, but with nobody in trouble and injuries not piling up I reckon I gotta read something.


  5. Argondawg

    I had family call me about this kid after signing day last year. My cousin said that he was one of the best football players he had ever seen in HS ball in Maryland and he played college ball at Maryland. He said he was a phenomenal running back and I didn’t know who he was talking about. Finally I said that we had signed a corner named Briscoe and he laughed because they wouldn’t throw near him on defense so he never really noticed the kids cover skills. His last comment to me was “you won’t be able to keep this kid off the field next year. He will play somewhere for you guys.”