“I do also believe that this is an isolated incident.”

Another day, another second chance in the SEC.  (Okay, technically, it’s a first chance, but you get the drift.)


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19 responses to ““I do also believe that this is an isolated incident.”

  1. Oops! Looks like the Tide beat Malzahn to the finish line. Big Gus and the Chapel of Eternal Felony Offenders on the Plains lost on this one. Sorry, I guess this is just another example of how Mark Richt has lost control of the recruiting process.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    So his lawyer says “This is not indicative of the character of this young man and his reputation for community service.”

    He’s 17. How much of a reputation could he have?


  3. Debby Balcer

    Glad we are not on the list.


  4. Dawganova

    “The coaches love me”?

    Oh brother.


  5. Uglydawg

    Good grief; Recently we all had our say on this on another thread.
    While the focus by those recruiting him seem to be on “he isn’t really a thief:” the greater concern should be, “is he a sexual predator?”.
    Sorry if that seems harsh, but you gotta wonder what was going through his mind when he entered a female dorm room in the wee hours, and stood watching the sleeping girl….That has a very high “Creep Factor”, in my personal opinion.
    I guess Saban doesn’t give a shit. He’s already been bitten once by this sort of thing…and while I really hope nothing bad happens, the man should have learned a lesson. Good grief.


  6. OHDawg

    So FSU is in the top 5? Weren’t all the FSU-homers responding to the girl-puncher stories saying that the Noles would never recruit these kids if they knew they were trouble in HS?


  7. doofusdawg

    unbelievable… mother rapers… father rapers.


  8. steve

    He was educated about hidden surveillance camera angles, a form of ‘street trigonometry’. Correction: ‘I feel very confident he is going to learn from this experience and will be a better (second-story) man as a result of it..’


  9. Argondawg

    You guys act like you never snuck into girls dorm rooms and stole all their valuables.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    I’m just glad he is Alabama’s problem, not ours.


  11. DawgFaithful

    Isolated incident my ass. There’s no way he hasn’t shown this pattern of behavior before. He’s just never been caught until now. He’s a perfect fit for Alabama


    • Mayor

      Count me as one who disagrees. Bama is probably the worst place the kid could go now, what with Saban’s most recent experience in such matters and the publicity blowback. I think the tolerance level in Tuscaloosa will be quite low. He really needs to look at Auburn, a place that has a demonstrated high level of tolerance for this type of thing. I’m glad he’s not, though.


      • Dog in Fla

        “what with Saban’s most recent experience in such matters and the publicity blowback.”

        Except for Amari Cooper’s departure maybe Nick shouldn’t be recruiting another receiver from Miami but since it’s an almost verbal done deal on to more important things such as what if Darnell Donald-styled his statement?

        “Alabama is one of top schools that’s recruiting me right, which is the only way to recruit me. Like a top school should. The coaches love me. How could they not. And not just regular ordinary love but they love my wide receiver sticky fingers skills that are phenomenal. Not only will I catch all balls thrown in my general vicinity, I will catch Lane’s attention and make him pay for it. This will not be an isolated incident. It will be a nationwide incident with class. When I went to the spring game, it was just a place to be. I sent my best me and when I left T-Town everybody still had their electronic devices even though they were within reach and not just any reach, within my reach, which is the best.”


  12. red

    Thee two escaped murders from NY plans were to get to Ala and try out at Auburn and Ala.so they would not have to back to jail for four years.