#TruthDontLie. It just gets covered up.

Baylor’s doing a bang-up job explaining itself these days.  Here’s Art Briles’ idea of going on offense:


#BeCourageous?  Seriously?

Meanwhile, for some unknown reason, the AD took to the airwaves to answer some questions about the cesspool the school has fallen into.  The results were beyond awkward.

I am reminded of the old joke about the difference between apathy and ignorance here, except McCaw doesn’t strike me as much of a kidder.

Meanwhile, the Waco Tribune-Herald seems to have awakened from its slumber.  (Don’t take my word for that.  Andy Staples writes, “On Thursday, Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw told SiriusXM’s Full Ride show that there was no cover-up of which he was aware. He may be correct, but only for the most pathetic reason. Cover-ups aren’t required when no one is looking. The beat writing corps that covers Baylor isn’t the most aggressive. Had these incidents taken place at Ohio State, Texas, LSU or any school that draws major coverage, they’d have been reported on almost immediately. Reporters would have noticed names on police blotters, or they would have team or police sources that would leak that sort of information. ESPN would not be uncovering incidents from years earlier because they would have been reported on all along. No one was looking at Baylor, so Baylor coaches and officials continued to make terrible decisions without being questioned about them. This doesn’t excuse anyone, nor should it lessen any punitive action that might be taken, but it helps explain how this mess continued for so long.”)  The newspaper requested reports received by the Baylor University Police Department of sexual assaults and other improper sexual conduct during the past 20 years back in February.  After reducing the scope of that Open Records request, the paper was faced with the school’s refusal to release the information.

Instead, Baylor asked the Texas Attorney General’s office to weigh in on its obligations.  The result was mixed.

In an opinion received by the Tribune-Herald on Thursday, Assistant Attorney General Ellen Webking wrote that portions of some documents submitted to her office by Baylor must be released. Webking wrote that other records Baylor claims must be withheld under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act were not ruled on because Baylor did not submit examples of those reports based on student privacy concerns.

The opinion does not clarify which aspects of the reports should be withheld.

“The (Baylor police) department asserts the remaining requested information is subject to FERPA and has not submitted this information to our office for review,” Webking wrote in her opinion. “Because the department has not submitted this information to our office for review to determine if this information consists of a law enforcement record to which FERPA does not apply, we must rely on the department’s assertion this information is subject to FERPA.”

Gee, it must be nice to set your own rules like that.

“I think it is interesting that Baylor asserts that FERPA precludes them from releasing information from law enforcement records but they didn’t submit any documents to the attorney general’s office to review because they say FERPA prohibits them from sharing those documents. I guess they are asking you to take their word for it,” Maddox said.

Well, the Texas AG is a Baylor grad, so why shouldn’t he?

These people make Greg McGarity look like a PR master.  The sad thing is they’ll all probably weather the storm.


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27 responses to “#TruthDontLie. It just gets covered up.

  1. Tatum

    It must be hard to balance your time between academics and various kinds of assault. Briles should have #Multi-Tasking


  2. So how exactly does it help put lipstick on this ugly pig to use #truthdontlie for any athletic department communications? Does Baylor have a journalism or English department? When I see that, I figure it must be a campaign for some rap group. #illiterateatcollege


  3. ASEF

    I wasn’t aware that the Big 12 had multiple commissioners. (Commissioners / Commissioner’s).

    So, women are being assaulted at Baylor, but nothing was/is being done about it. But Baylor grad and Texas AG Ken Paxton is making damn sure these football players don’t put on a dress and go hang out in a women’s bathroom to attack a complete stranger.


    • Dog in Fla

      This one’s for fighting and this one’s for fun

      Wait until the Texas Lt. Gov., a brainiac in his own right who didn’t even go to Baylor, finishes dick monitoring patrol interviews and weighs in on Baylor women getting raped and nobody doing anything about it.


      • Cojones

        I think they already have a plan for the transgenders to clean up Baylor’s athletics by having them stand up at the appropriate moment of misbehavior and declaring: “Awright, I got you by your handle and I’m taking you straight to President Starr.”.

        If they lose their toilet paper money, how will they ever clean up Baylor?


      • The Dawg abides

        Well to be fair, Baylor did allow Brittney Griner to use the women’s locker rooms. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  4. gastr1

    Funny how this interpretation of FERPA, the “F” in which stands for “federal,” only seems to pertain to Baylor.


  5. georgiajeepn

    There is only one way to settle all this.
    Baylor vs Ole Miss in the Coach Is An IDIOT Kickoff Classic in North Korea.

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  6. Dolly Llama

    I wonder who Briles cleared this bit of PR brilliance with at the school? If the answer is “nobody,” that hammerhead just made a whole lot of extra trouble for hisself.


    • DawgPhan

      I really doubt that Briles actually sent the tweet, put together the graphic, or even had thoughts about the graphic. That had to be done through the athletic department.


      • Dolly Llama

        You may very well be right. If THAT’S the case, damn. Just damn.


        • Cojones

          It takes a whole (athletic dept,/ unwhole AD/ asshole President Starr/muthafuckin’ community/southwest rape inablers……..), but mostly it takes aholes.


  7. Walt

    Ken Starr could start an investigation, but would need 6 years and $50 million to conclude that there is insufficient evidence to charge the Clintons.


  8. CB

    Lax media coverage explains how Baylor slipped under the radar, but I still don’t understand how Notre Dame has been getting away with covering up rape and sexual assault for decades. http://deadspin.com/5897809/this-is-what-happens-when-you-accuse-a-notre-dame-football-player-of-sexually-assaulting-you


  9. I Wanna Red Cup

    Everyone knows the best defense is a good offense. Baylor has been very consistent in this regard under Briles.


  10. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Briles’s Tweets illustrate an interesting characteristic of language. You can say things that are perfectly grammatical and, at the same time, absolutely meaningless.


  11. Jack Klompus

    Baylor- Just like the movie Footloose with less dancing and more raping!


  12. Semper Fi Dawg

    that bb gun “felony” is looking pretty damn good right about now


    • Totally agree Semper Fi Dawg. I wonder if the AJC would consider sending a couple of their crack-investigative reporters, that they currently have focused on embarrassing UGA, on loan to the Waco Tribune-Herald for a couple of seasons. Its a win win–the weasels get meaningful minutes for another team while Kirby’s Law slows everything down for the club they have contracts with. Even one would have the lid blown off of this thing. I mean these guys revel in reporting emerging from an alleyway tickets and driving without a license–think what they could do with real crime!!