Celebrate good times, come on!

From Tim Tebow setting scoring records to this…

I guess that makes him the Greatest Punter Of Our Era.  What a time to be a Gator fan!


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12 responses to “Celebrate good times, come on!

  1. GPOOE…earns the 3 goat emoji award from The Gator Twitter account. Congrats!!


  2. Bulldog Joe


    ‘ESPN’ has already released its 2017 UF-FSU hype video.


  3. Macallanlover

    I will still pull for FSU to rip the gaytors this Saturday, but it would be funny to see FSU lose and still have to play that rescheduled game while denied a bowl opportunity for lack of 6 wins.

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  4. Mike Cooley

    Is it too much to wish Auburn would become a Florida and Tennessee type dumpster fire?

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    • Cpark58

      No it’s not it but too many quality players get kicked out of other schools every year for Auburn to stay down too long. Auburn’s moral fiber makes them obligated to give these poor, misunderstood young men a second chance.

      “Admit Nothing. Deny Everything. Demand Proof. War Eagle”
      -This message brought to you by Clayton homes.

      The one transfer star they did get without first having to hit up boosters for bail money came from Art Burke’s Baylor….Auburn can’t help but auburn even when they aren’t auburning traditionally.

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    • Mayor

      It could happen but only if the NCAA would do the right thing for once and levy the death penalty on the Auburn football program–a penalty the TigersPlainsmenWarEagles so richly deserve for YEARS of willful violations of NCAA rules.


  5. Your sarcasm here Senator is delicious. Thank you for that wonderful serving of Florida failure.


  6. Tybee Dawg

    It is a Good thing to have an excellent punter.
    It is a Better thing to not have much need for a punter.


  7. Mayor

    Next season the FU long snappah gets the recognition he so rightly deserves.