Even Mark Bradley…

If you’re a Tech fan, it’s a pretty sad omen when Bradley doesn’t have his heart in trolling Georgia about this year’s game.


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17 responses to “Even Mark Bradley…

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Actually, it makes me nervous to read that because he’s wrong so often…. 🙂


  2. ViewsfromtheSouth

    Georgia Tech is such an odd team this season. Undefeated at home, has led by double figures in all of their games except for the Clemson game, and yet they have just five wins.

    I’d like to think Georgia is, while not the same level of Clemson, not too far away from that, so maybe this is the second game where Georgia Tech doesn’t lead by double figures at any point, but that record for them might be a little deceiving.


  3. Mayor

    When that noted Tech homer Bark Madly gives up on the Jackets……..


  4. Otto

    Hate Week is still young


  5. Mudcats Impala

    Ouch… That’s gonna leave a mark.


  6. Timphd

    Just want to beat the snot out of those Jackets. Keep focus on the prize boys!


  7. Timphd

    Just a question for your readers Senator: Who do we want in the SECC game? Bama or a retry of Auburn? I can’t decide but I wonder what others are thinking.


  8. He probably was weeping on his keyboard as he wrote that.



  9. Bright Idea

    Georgia needs to show some swagger and not overly respect Tech’s defense. Go for big points and not running out the clock. PJ is not a very good coach when trailing on the scoreboard.


  10. Brandon

    Bradley reaching deep into his playbook for reverse psychology..


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Bandwagon Bradley.


  12. PTC DAWG

    Can’t read his shit…


  13. Rob Suggs

    Furman Bisher just rolled over in his grave. In one of his last columns, he wrote that he’d sat with the greatest minds in football history, and that Paul Johnson had a place among them.