No rock unturned

How this for sheer, unabashed pragmatism?

Georgia’s has been getting help this season from former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze.

Freeze has been consulting for Georgia’s football program since August. It is unclear if Freeze has traveled to Athens this fall, or even if he’s being compensated for his work with the Bulldogs.

The former Rebel coach resigned his position in Oxford in July after a “concerning pattern of phone records” was discovered by the administration at Ole Miss. The Rebels are also under scrutiny from NCAA for an alleged violation of that organization’s by-laws, which could result in Ole Miss being hit with sanctions this off season.

Multiple sources in and out of Athens confirmed Freeze’s consulting at UGA to Dawg Post this week.

“Hugh is helping them scheme. That’s all I got,” said one insider.

Another added that Freeze was sent a laptop from UGA to help give his input on the Bulldogs.

Another added: “I had no idea (he was helping). They have kept that pretty quiet, but it is true. He’s been helping since August, and he’s still helping right now from what I understand.”

Yep, you got that right.  The man who stole Laremy Tunsil out from under our noses at the last minute, among other notable accomplishments, is now part of the Butts-Mehre Army.  Talk about the Process’ biggest win over the Georgia Way yet.  (Feel free to insert your Kirby had Freeze’s cell phone number joke here.)

I confess there’s a part of me feeling a certain guilty pleasure from this development.  Not so much because of the potential schematic advantage, although anybody who watched Ole Miss dismantle Georgia’s defense in 2016 would have to admit Freeze knows his way around an RPO or two, but because I strongly suspect the mental image I have of Greg McGarity’s reaction upon being told the news isn’t going to get old for quite a while.  Shame on you, Blutarsky.


UPDATE:  Damn it, Seth.  Why you got to harsh my mellow?


UPDATE #2:  Jason Butt rains on my parade, too.  Rough crowd.

Although I wonder if I should find it of interest to see how the athletic department has pushed back on the story.


UPDATE #3:  Dan Wolken gets it from the horse’s mouth.


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18 responses to “No rock unturned

  1. Jim

    Holy cow. Never would have guessed that


  2. barneydawg

    I wonder if anyone will try to uncover what Freeze viewed and deleted from the hard drive of that UGA laptop when they get it back. Hope UGA put virus software on it before they sent it. People should get a second chance, but that is why there is Auburn.


    • The Georgia Way

      Rest assured, we are already in front of this and have blocked his access after uncovering excessive hits to the following websites:

      Girls Gone Wild;
      UGA Makeouts;
      Craigs List Girls;
      Bible Quotes For Every Occasion;
      Flagpole; and

      Your Hartman Fund contribution is hard at work and that’s another Bulldog Point of Pride!



  3. Rebar

    Why would Georgia do this? Freeze has proven himself to be slime but we overlook this because of football acumen? Bejeebus!


  4. Babyfarts McGeezax

    Tyson Summers formerly of Georgia Southern is doing the same thing as well.


  5. truck

    Does anybody else think Freeze had something else in mind when Kirby said we’d pay for a “laptop?”

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  6. Jack Klompus

    Aren’t Hugh and Gus buddies?


    • Macallanlover

      Crap, now we know how AU knew every dive play we would run three weeks ago. They couldn’t possibly have expected it to be repeated so often any other way, Chaney is much too deceptive to ever be out schemed.


  7. Grumpydog

    This was reported “lightly’ by UGA rivals site back in September. I am surprised it never got picked up more widely back then.


  8. Love it- a little candy for the anti-Kirby crowd (still believe there are some just holding back their “I told you so” for the right moment). Too bad for them it wasn’t true.


  9. DawgPhan

    weird story. Citing several sources, but then UGA flatly denies any of it happened. So he made the whole thing up, or there are several different people selling the same lie to what end?

    Surprised that he wasnt already on the bama payroll. dont they try and keep a couple of head coaches in stock just in case?


  10. Did he ask for a box of condoms in the consulting contract?


  11. The Dawg abides

    It must be pretty widely believed Hugh will get a show cause from the NCAA. Otherwise, you’ve got to think UTjr. would at least float his name out there to see if the hillbilly twitter army is more forgiving of enjoying the company of escorts.